Odd question

Alot of us have had relationships with spirits.

But my question is outside of a relationship …do you think a God or goddess would know when someone was thinking of them or doing acts that incorporates them in a very intimate way. Like Masterbating and using thoughts of the god/goddess.

Or when they are involved in some type of magick or ritual. I know we experience them on our end. .but what do they experincene on Thier side?


Odd but a great question. I’ve been wondering about if all deities are aware of us at all times, and if we constantly interrupt their routine.



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Yes the energy is directed at them, they will feel it.


At least that’s how I’m thinking of it.

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I definitely think they feel it and also think they almost expect it. If you work with them or direct some thing to them i always feel you were "meant " to have a connection or already do have one.


Thanks for all your replies …I think it may help explain somethings I’m experiencing


Belial showed me how it looked on his end. It was very difficult for me because human perception is so different and limited compared to him.

I experienced it as the people evoking him as tiny points of light. The energy coming up from them like fireworks. Their voices like a chorus in tune when the enns were spoken and going out of tune for everything else.

It seemed like as far as humanity as a whole he wasn’t everywhere at once and didn’t know everyone. Just those that had summoned him because for some beings like him it is a portal once opened it can never be closed. So he is “with” those people even though they may never call him again. An open door he just may not walk through again. He can see through those doors.

I can only speak for his attitude but its mostly annoyed LOL.

What i’m less sure of is how the past lives with them work. If you open that door is it like a door to your soul. Does it stay opened for everyone or just some people who are fated to work with these beings?


From my experiences with these entites so far i’d say it is possible. Almost every one i have worked with have had a “what took you so long,Do ya know how long i waitin?!?!?!” Attitude Once they arrive. :thinking: :rofl: im left for a few seconds going “whats with the weird attitude” lol :rofl:


The whole thing makes me wonder if thinking about a spirit you are working with annoys them, or if it’s expected/encouraged?

it probably is encouraged because that means that they have been in your thoughts. and yes they most likely do feel the energy you put out towards them(like how you would cast a love spell, ect on some one in a way) especially if you are linked to them then they feel every emotion and energy you put out like how you feel their presence when they put it out if this makes scense


That makes sense. I just worry about being clingy/annoying.


well of you think about the fact that they become linked with you and your every day life and are all ways their even when your not working with them… it’s kinda both ways it’s not really clingy if you think about it. also they probably love the attention


Most of us do worry about that. …but others don’t get it.


I understand that you feel like your bothering them because they are God’s. but to me it’s like having a close relationship with a friend or lover


It’s also interesting that the demons I wasn’t thinking about or didn’t summon have appeared. I was trying an experiment to see if I thought about evoking a demon right before I go to sleep I would I do it in my sleep. They say if you want to lucid dream or dream about something think of one thing night after night.

Well I dreamed I stared into the demons sigil and called his name and he appeared. But another demon that I wasn’t thinking about appeared behind me. I heard his name like a whisper in my head. He said he had come to answer a fufill a desire I was hiding from myself.

And I wondered how could you know me so well when we haven’t met?


I think a good analogy would be email. Most of the stuff going to the spam folder and getting automated responses. They can choose to go look at it if they want while those that manage to make a strong enough effort or are on good terms go into the priority mail that would give us a message on our phone or something. Might not be fully accurate but is a good simple analogy to start from I think.


Oh that is a good analogy.Thank you.

But now i’m thinking of Belial fowarding emails. Like check out the ass on this one AND she’s Clairaudient!


I think that is what happens when they refer to you another demon that is better for your current needs lol.