Odd omens or coincidences or weirdnesses - what do you make of this?

I’m in my office having done a ritual, written it up - looking out of the window and spot a fly buzzing around and I recall @dollarvaluemenu talking about Duke Sallos.

Yesterday, I’d considered a chat with Duke Sallos regarding my situation and also what I’d read on other threads, not that I have an issue with Lord Rosier’s work.

In any case the point is I saw the fly and asked “Are you sent by Duke Sallos?” Obviously this an insect in January, a fly - OK, I think I could do a honey jar candle so let’s have a look at a planetary hour - I type in date and the page responds with a really interesting glitch - can you spot it?

At about 14:00 I’d done a ritual with Duke Dantalion - I’m wondering about this.

What would you make of that? A message? Server response glitch?


If it’s a glitch it’s being used as a sign and or omen. That one is pretty obvious and begging to be seen - I’d be making some magick!

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The fly could possibly be Duke Sallos. With me, I was outside one day when a fly landed on me. I shooed it away and so the next couple of times I was outside, I had a fly come out of nowhere and keep flying around my face and head and then when I would go inside, I would get hit with his energy. I learned not to shoo him away, I would just say “alright, I know it’s you.” and the fly would be gone.


Thanks lovely humans - Horse has just done a bit of energy bubble Beloved cuddling - there will be more to come xxx

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Sometimes the things we gloss over are more important than the things we don’t. You could have just reloaded the page without even thinking about it, the fact you recognised that is great!

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