Odd New Philosophy On Free Will - I Think I May Have Been Given To Me

When you summon angels or demons, in that moment as you express your will you are God,
perhaps this was Lucifer or perhaps this just came to me but I want to write it down before I forget, an you can tell me what you think. It is sort of like the free will vs determinism philosophy debate vs if a tree falls in a Forrest does anyone hear it?

*"You don’t have free will if you don’t use it. *
If you use it, you don’t have it anymore."

This may just came from contemplating different magick things from influence magick to evoking a spirit and being held to your will. People go along to get along, no one would have willed to be wearing Doctors masks but nearly 1/5 of people if not more do now, over what my doctors office described as basically a flu, won’t dive any deeper into that but it seems odd what people will do seemingly without choice in the matter, many times I’m even wearing it.

Where as when you say something is your will perhaps you can go back on it but it is not so easy.
When you state what it is, it states what it is not and thus is spent.

Then there is the whole free will debate in the first place.
Anyways I don’t want to make this too political, but as I struggle to find where I fit in on both sides of politics these days, sometimes I feel I am being dragged to hell by both sides. I say this in that sometimes it is really scary and feels as though, though we might not want to influence away someone’s will it sometimes feels it is up to one to exercise will or the decision is made for you or maybe it is just made for more and more these days what do you think?

I received one thing a few mins back

The Only Free Will Is death

Basically it means the only way you can change fate is by killing yourself against the plans by fate.

And how do you know that wasn’t planned all along and you just follow what is already decided by fate?
In Hellenic tradition we say that the only things that are written by Fates are only everything about your birth and your death. How you come there, that is all you.

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Idk why. I think the thing they mean is asking the fates for your death and they say 10 years later and you kill yourself immediately. However that may also mean the lied to you.

Or it might mean that you will fail on your attempt and you’ll live the next 10 years having terrible issues from your decision to try and take your life earlier :woman_shrugging:

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