Odd feeling

So…for the past few days, i feel surprisingly calm. Everything matters and yet it doesnt. Idk lol, something changed, my stress went away, my anxieties are no longer anxieties but more like a warnings. I used to be suicidal but not anymore, my goal now is to enjoy life and if death does come my way, i will accept it.
My depression is gone too and i feel happy. My schizophrenia symptoms feels normal now that ive accepted it lol idk, i just feels peaceful.

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I’ve actually felt pretty calm since the start of all this. (the virus and social distancing)

Yes, this whole thing. Its almost like its a lesson intended for humanity.
Im not saying that the virus is a good thing but theres a lesson in all of this is what im saying and i hope we learn from it.

Same, it’s weird.

I think, all the stress that we have created in our social construct is falling apart. Thats why we are at ease, we finally see whats important and whats not. Eye opening experience for all of Us that are experiencing this experience.

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They started to lol i think.
The next phase would be mass hysteria right ? When people panic, looting…etc

Hope it doesnt come to that, all i have is 3 light sabers and 1 katana lol :rofl:

Yep, thats why im sitting here with popcorns and watching how this all turns out. Greed vs Empathy, its a game of life to me at this point. Which will humanity choose ?