Odd experience

Hi guys,
Last night after completing the mediation (invoming lilith and lucifer) mantra chanting. I stayed in that position for minute. And suddenly i felt hand pat on my back. It was so clear that i scremed. Than i was trying to sleep but i felt some weird sensations on my legs. Even feeling like someone is looking at me in the dark. It’s so unusual it’s making me uncomfortable now. Did anybody experienced something like this ever?
I don’t know is it a good sign or bad?


I stopped meditating before bed (night time) for similar reasons. Not sure if positive or not, personally freaked me out, so I try mostly do it during the day.

Nah i think night time is more suitable. It will freak me out. But i must continue. I was doubting there existance. But now there is signal. Then i must continue.

Sounds good. You’re getting more sensitive. I think if you keep up the meditations it won’t wear off, but you will start to automatically filter out the unimportant information.

They probably are and always have been, and the meditation let you feel it. This is where warding your house so randos don’t just wander through it willy nilly is helpful.


What does that mean?

So you think, i am making up things. That’s rude. But i don’t care

Than what will help?

They like to observe you first, then again, it depends on the individual spirit.