Odd experience with astral travel

Hey, I just had a very interesting experience with an astral travel attempt, and wanted to know if maybe anyone had any idea what was up with this.

So, to start, I’m pretty new to magic and the occult, so I’ve been practicing doing daily meditations, and occasional attempts at astral projection. Today I used a guided meditation for astral projection. I have experience with self-hypnosis, so I can go into trance pretty easily, but I’ve never been able to fully separate before. Anyways, the speaker frequently said to gather energy and pull it into your astral self to help it solidify. After a while I started to get a weird tingly feeling in my hands and feet. After a while came the projection (may have had some success?). But as I was moving around, the speaker continued to direct to pull in the energies around me. The tingly feeling increased, and soon my hands, feet, and eyes started twitching like crazy.

My hand and feet felt more like they really wanted to twitch unless I purposefully held them tight (which typically goes against the relaxation you usually do for hypnosis/meditation) but my eyes, man. My eyes and eye lids were twitching like nuts, and there was no stopping them.

I decided to cut it short before the end of the guided meditation, and as I came back into to my body, opened my eyes and sat up, I still felt that tingly feeling, and a restlessness like I didn’t want to sit still. An hour or so later, it had mostly faded. Was that just energy I was feeling, do you think? Is it possible that maybe my body entered a REM state? I certainly had the rapid eye movement…

Anyways, it was strange, and I didn’t feel the complete relaxed restfulness that I usually experience coming out of a hypnosis/meditation. Also I couldn’t help but wonder - both during the projection and after - if I wasn’t just imagining all the images in my head. But then again I just watched a video by Koetting saying that a big mistake made by those attempting astral travel is to assume they just imagined it all. Sooooo… idk.

What are your thoughts?

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Muscles firing off and causing this (it may feel like you have some partial control, and could stop if if you concentrated on doing so) does happen when people undertake shamanic journeying, which is the only method I know well enough to really comment with authority.

All I can say is try to relax as much as possible and try it again later.

I’ll send you my tutorial for the method I use, you don’t have to use it (obviously!) but you may find something useful in it, especially the part about how to distinguish a “real” shamanic journey from something that’s far more “imaginary.”

Thanks! I appreciate any advice or resources I can get. :slight_smile: