Odd coincidence

So this weekend I went to an event called Bequinox. It is affiliated somehow with Burning Man. It’s like a miniature version of it. Anyhow, in one of the booths, the game is that you have to answer a question or tell a story. During answering my question I went on a mini rant talking about how most people want to be subservient slaves. Afterwards this girl comes up to me…more like zooms into me like an energy magnet. Anyhow, she begins to tell me her life story. She used to be an anarchist and into the satanic bible and what not. But then she said somehow she became a Christian outside of a Slayer (or some similar group) concert. And things got weirder. She somehow knew somebody at the seminary I went to. I told her I had moved past all that due to the intellectual problems I had with it. We then talked philosophy as she tried to get me to come back to the religion. She was very sharp, but she knew she wasn’t getting anywhere. It was very odd how intuitive she was about my spirit/soul whatever you want to call it. She hugged me and I could feel her energy suck at me like a magnet. Weird weird.

I just can’t believe people can get into this stuff and just revert back to christianity. I mean I’ve tried to get baptised before just to appease my friends when I was a teen and it never worked, I couldn’t bring myself to pray, I slipped right back into witchcraft just a week or so later. I’ve known others who have done the same thing and it’s like this kind of stuff imprints on you and you can’t really ever go back, not fully.

I know so called Satanists turned christian, they go to church and act the part around everyone else but they let stuff slip out, especially when they’re around me and they know I don’t like christian shit. A true christian would not even try to put on a Satanic front around people like me, they would remain true to themselves and try to convince me to come to god. So these used to be friends of mine are still putting on a front, probably to fit, then they listen to Static X and Slayer and shit and I’m like how the hell can you listen to those bands and be christian?

♪♪ “Gods hates us…God hates us all…”

Bitch please…

Like seriously I know this dude who was in a rock band and we literally sat there and got drunk with the band God Forbid, Jager bombs, and the dude from Clutch I forgot his name. He sits there and buys shots for Morgan and Mercedes Lander from Kittie, rocking out and everything, and then like 5 days later he calls me up and says I’m turning my heart over to god. He was one of my favorite concert buddies! And I lost him to jesus.

It happens. They are not all bad from my perspective. In fact, some are very sharp at debating and fun to be around. But it’s just not for me anymore. This girl was cute too. But I just can’t fake it.