Och Make a pact deal with

My head began to swell, I asked a surgeon and she said I didn’t think it was a tumor.When I went 2 days ago, I didn’t need to go to the hospital, my motor was broken and I had to take it to my house for 2 hours, The hospital is far from me and I don’t want to use public transport because of the corona.

Olympic spirits never caught my attention, but after a constant chest and My astral senses are not very developed, I don’t have enough material to carry out the association.But I really want to make a deal with och to relieve my pain and reenter life so beautifully.

I saw the och sign but I couldn’t see the enn, I want to make a deal with her, I set the condition of my agreement, I want to continue my life without any health problems.And whenever I want I want her to come to me cause I need a friend :slight_smile: D.

Please don’t make fun of me I’m 18 years old I want to live for my dreams❤️


Olympic spirits do not have enns, as far as I’m aware as enns usually come from the religious practice of demonolatry- however Adam Blackthorne has a real simple and easy method for contacting them in this book:

Amazon.com: The Master Works of Chaos Magick: Practical Techniques For Directing Your Reality (9781533352071): Blackthorne, Adam: Books

I’ve seen other resources as well, but his method is probably the simplest I’ve seen. It’s near the end of the book that he lays it out for the reader.

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I thought you would answer first thank you😊

You are very knowledgeable too, I made up my mind, but I want to ask you, I guess I should make a lifetime deal with och, you think I should.

I am still learning, I did something a little bit, but I am still inexperienced. This will be my first agreement,Would it hinder if I would try to deal with another being in the future and want to cast a spell?


No because:

What you want and need will change, and you have not quite figured out where you are going with this magic thing- you bounce around a lot. I know you are doing well with what you have done, but lifetimes a long time if things change, especially if you have not had good and clear communication with Och.

That would depend on the agreement you make with Och. I’ve read that some entities do require you to be exclusive with them, but I’ve only done a brief evocation with each of the Olympic spirits to test the waters and see how things worked. I summoned one per day till I’d worked through them all, so I can’t say if Och would want you to be exclusive with them or not- if you entered a lifetime agreement.

It would work like a contract. Sorta like when people write letters of intent to obtain familiars and ubis and things or a pact. You need to know what you’re going to be putting into it, and what you are going to get out of it and if communication is not pretty clear, I’d wait before I signed anything- the fine print might bite you in the ass and cost you more than it’s worth.

You can develop a relationship with an entity without entering a lifetime, long term agreement or pact. I would personally consider a much shorter term agreement to see how it works for you. Why not try 30 days? 90 days? Or if you really feel how about a year? It still wouldn’t need to be an official agreement unless you and Och both want that, but it would give you time to figure out if they mesh with your energy and will actually help you or if you should look elsewhere.

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Very very thank you

Your suggestions have taken place in my mind, I will take all of them into consideration and act accordingly, Thanks for be interested.

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The Olympic Spirits do not have Enns, Enns are mostly for Demons. You just call Och through his Sigil.

It is best to call on him on Sunday as soon as the Sun begins to cross the horizon in the morning (It’s the first Astrological Hour of the Sun). It’s not necessary but it is best to at least call on him shortly after the Sun begins to rise.

From the original grimoire, it may be best if you let go of any guilt before you call on him. Just take a moment to let go of any guilt you might have.

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I wanted a friend in many deities.

There’s no need to a pact for entire life.

If you call them they are there!

I wish to learn how to astral travel so i can go in their realm…

By the way, Och answered fast , his warm healing felt last night. He also spoke to me a technique for being “more hard”

The technique consist in visualizing you as a wall, of what you want.

I think it will be usefull if you call on him!!!

Wish the best for all of you.

@Dankquanicus why is that?

Does och have similar qualities to lets say Elubatel?

Because he is a Spirit of the Sun. You can try working with him on other times, and then work with him on a Sunday in the Hour of the Sun, and see the difference.

Oh, okay. Thanks for the explanation.

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No problem! I also want to expand on it a bit in a way that might help you in general. Now, it’s good to look up a bit what the different planets Govern. Och resonates the most with the Sun, so what he is most likely to give the Magician relates to the Sun. But, every day and every hour also correspond to the influence of one of the 7 Traditional Planets. For example, the influence of the Sun is the most powerful on a Sunday in the Hour of the Sun. In Arbatel, which is where the 7 Olympic Spirits are first mentioned, it is recommended to call the Olympic Spirit in the first hour in the appropriate Day. The first Hour begins when the Sun begins to come over the Horizon, so that makes it easy to determine when that is exactly.

However, you can use that knowledge for any magickal working. Say, for example, you want to attract wealth. You can do such a working on a Friday (Day of Venus) and in the Hour of Venus, and you may find there is more power to the working than otherwise.

You can look up the Planetary Hours on the internet and how to calculate them, luckily it is very easy to find out about them.