Guys a couple of years i have a fu ****g problem about OCD Intrusive thoughts to a large extent and i need to out of it because it destroying my sleep biorhythm in the night its worst i wonder what angel or demon could help me cure this bullshit that bothers me for years I would prefer the angels I work with.
(I have never worked with demons) but I thought that maybe Angel Raphael who is said to heal can help.

Please try the search function. There are a couple of threads on intrusive thoughts that may help.

I’ve battled with intrusive thoughts since a teenager. Anywhere from family members having their throats slit, macabre/gruesome, perverted thoughts or words that pop up.

The compulsive mind is a strong mind but it’s embedded somewhere in the brain to keep the circuit running actively as OCD stems from internal conflicts to do with territorial matters (keeping things in order, double or triple checking things) and cleanliness (hygiene, including mental hygiene) — so the reassurance is that you must not reassure yourself. But it’s hard right? How you can not do something if you FEEL you must?

Well that’s the challenge. See if you can break it. I’ve had OCD to the point of scrupulously reassuring for things to be alright to a higher power. These are delusive thoughts brought on a cluster of nerves in the amygdala to cause this state of emergency.

Let thoughts pass like the wind.
Don’t engrave them in stone.
Don’t carve it in wood.
Don’t draw it in the sand.
Let it pass like the wind.

Let them go. Procreate new thoughts patterns.


I would think any angel associated with air would work as it is a problem of the mind. Also any angel associated with earth may help you to best ground and bury these thoughts.

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My world. Eva understands this well.

I’d use some chaos magick and find a way to nullify them from grabbing hold to any manifestation.

Maybe a servitor could help too. Read some of my threads and see if you relate

I would recommend several angels to ask for your help, since you have no experience in another field:
Mizrael - For the cure of mental illnesses / related to intrusive thoughts as is the case

Hahaiah- To deal with you while you sleep and repair the subconscious so that it generates healing in the coordination of the conscious12-hahaiah

Lauviah … Call him in fasting, that is, early in the morning before eating food so that his influence is manifested Against mental anguish, sadness or other pathology that the conscious can develop in the daytime or evening hours17-lauviah1

Invoke them in the specialty of each one, they will bring healing in their pathology, I assure you!


Can i do this if i cant hear or feel them.
Pls reply cause i also have some problems with very annoying intrusive thoughts and insomnia

You can evoke entities without having psychic senses, yes. But you will probably feel them anyways, just less in a perceivable way and more just a vibe. Source: I have no psychic senses and I evoke.

Ok thank you