Occultism My Way

Someday I might not be around to snoot about the threads of other members here trying to set misconceptions platitudes and other horseshit straight.

On that day I want a legacy behind me. Some extent of it I’ve determined to leave here. I keep my life in a number of separate and distinct spheres I don’t want at all put together by another until I’m posthumous for a good long while.

As always, Wisdom’s lips are closed except to understanding’s ears. My aim in this sphere at this time is a far cry from the whole truth and nothign but, because there are understandings that I believe require fishing for and more still that I don’t want in this sphere at all.

Welcome to Occultism My Way. Call me Dusk unless and until you’re familiar with an older and better name of mine. Ask all of me you like. Expect the conference I see fit unremittingly.




  1. supernatural, mystical, or magical beliefs, practices, or phenomena.

“a secret society to study alchemy and the occult”


of, involving, or relating to supernatural, mystical, or magical powers or phenomena.

“a follower of occult practices similar to voodoo”

the root word of occultism, occulere, refers to and means “conceal”.

Occultists first and foremost hide their shit, because they don’t want it found unless and until the time and the place and the person is right. Deception may not be the first art an occultist learns, but it behooves the occultist to learn it quickly and thoroughly or else it may well become the last.

Hiding secrets is obviously the trickier bit of any game of hide and seek. It is always easier to become and then be a seeker first.


They do and are usually quite adept in psychology. I’ll find something to ask soon. Keen to see your thread with more insight.

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To seek and to study are relentless, hungry businesses. Delineating and distinguishing some organon by which to know a truth from a falsity, a secret from a spectre, a transmuter of prosperity from a harbinger of doom, remains a pursuit easily realized into lifelong obsession, goose chase. Geese are quite tough to cook properly.

Magic: any exploitation of mystical connection to the transcendental noumenal for effect upon the phenomenally real. Put simpler, the magician understands what is, and with that understanding affects becomings. Any secular post-ironic smartass who attempts to shoehorn science into the Crowleyan definition fails this one, as science is strictly a domain of becoming analysis of becomings. No noumenalities are pre-supposed save by the dogmatist reductionist within its lines of inquiry.

In older and better magics nothing’s pre-supposed either. Many revisionists like to claim that science then is Magic’s successor, that mysticism has and rightly fallen obsolete neath Ockham’s Razor.

Sometimes wittingly and sometimes not the modern scientist rules out any kind of evidence to the contrary with a question beg.

The magician’s advantage lies here, in ruling nothing out and chucking no baby down the drain with the bathwater. Considering the unconsidered, imagining the unimagined, and cultivating the ability to do so is a necessary component in the making of a great magician. Perhaps it is secondly so only to the cultivation to habit of focus.

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