Occultism in Wicca

Why have I not heard the word Occult in Wiccan groups?

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I haven’t really been on Wiccan forms or anything but as far as the ones I’ve known in real life they’ve just remained partial referring to the occult as new age practices. I’ve not heard them use the word either.

Why don’t you go into Wicca groups and ask them?

Are you nuts? They’ll eat me alive.

Aww. You poor baby. Name a group and I’ll go ask them for you.

Dude, I’m joking.

:stuck_out_tongue: That makes two of us.
Wait, the whole post or just being afraid of Wiccans in general?

Seriously, there might be some Wiccan’s here but not many, if you really want an answer about what “a group” does, there’s nothing like getting it from the horses mouth. Non- and ex-Wiccan’s might have an opinion, but that’s all it will be.

If you’d named a group I’d have done it though.

All I know is when I would read books on Wicca and be in wiccan groups, they always used the term witchcraft as opposed to occultism. Even then I used the word occultism. I got looks of disapproval.

That’s true actually.

Ex-Wiccan here (of many years ago), in my group it was a no-no to even ask about Occultism because “Occultists are devil worshippers who do dark magick”. :grin:
But some other group might have another opinion, I’ve learned that the past several years they’re not scared to admit they read about the Occult. So better ask an active Wiccan :woman_shrugging:


Because Wicca is supposed to be on the more friendly side of magick that’s supposed to be acceptable to society’s morals.

Yeah and maybe they associate “occultism” to “high magick” (indeed there is a connection), the latter being sometimes opposed to witchcraft as “low magick”.

Both true

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Wicca is nature based and Wiccans follow the law of “Harm none”!

If I’ve learned anything from following love and light spiritual paths, its that they can be pretty hateful. I like to think darker forces challenge us to be better people. So they make us face our fears and learn not to react with fear and prejudice to someone different.

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Yeah, but “darkness, demons, blood offerings, etc,” aren’t very friendly to the general population.

If you were a random person who thought that the supernatural was fantasy unless through the Xtian God, you’d at least be a little more friendly with the “love and light crowd” because they attempt to fit in with society’s morals moral and culture.

Even non Judeo-Christian people hear “demons” and associate them with evil; most atheists figure that they’re evil boogeymen for adults.

I believe that if something scares you, learn about it. You may find there’s nothing to be afraid of. Otherwise you’re at least armed with knowledge.

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Very true, learning about something can either reveal it’s nothing at all to be afraid of or if it is, how to defeat and eliminate that thing.

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Well anyway, here’s my thoughts on Wicca: it’s magick but on the opposite end of what we generally practice here on BALG, but if “love & light” appeals to you most spiritually, then by all means, be all rainbows, peace signs, and sunshine all you want and keep at it if you find success in spirituality that way, just don’t be an elitist prick.

I tend to use my own sayings.

“Knowledge and Wisdom.”

“In darkness, truest line shines.”

I tend to think people act better when they think and learn. So I put emphasis on intelligence than love. Love can be pretty destructive. When people think and consider their impact on others, and judge the logic or fairness of their actions, they can be pretty beneficial. However to have this, people need to be challenged to think and embrace the unknown.