Occultism and science

So if anyone here Works in science how do you balance your occult interests?

I’ve always that while science deals with the mechanics of this reality, magick deals with the the outer reality that controls this one. Though, I’m not a scientist.

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They should be intertwined , like Nikola Tesla said , but they only want to look for what can be proved through the five senses , and it’s sad cause everything physical is a result of non physical underlying foundation , for example , non physical energetic imbalances might manifest as a physical disease

In my opinion, one cannot exist without the other and so they shouldn’t be considered contradicting.
Take alchemy, for example. It is a science, yet it entails occult practices.

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I agree with this :100:

I Am working towards being a zoologist. I am by schilling now a vet tech. My strongest Magick is healing and nature based magick. So I think my career path and magickal Strengths run hand-in-hand.

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my non occultist interests are more artistic than scientific. I’m taking a class on psych though.

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I loved my general psychology class. I almost changed my degree. That truly seems to go hand and hand with Magick.

I believe they’re intertwined and on some level a lot of occult matters can be proven with the 5 senses, by this I mean in a lot of confirmations many are just “intuition is law” but it’s not because even intuition can be wrong no matter how bad someone wants it to not be.

Manifestation can be proven with the 5 senses, doing something more than once and seeing it happen 2/3 or 3/3 times can be confirmation, etc. Even when working with the different kinesis they need a certain level of how the elements work, how water freezes, how water heats up, how fire combusts, etc.

Of course not every occult happening can be proven with the 5 senses but I am more since we’re here what we do here matters more than what we do in a spiritual plane far off somewhere or in the plane of imagination/astral.

magick is science, science is magick, imo