I made a thread at 12am today called Hypothetical question Part 2 and in that thread

I oppose a question to you guys what the occult and beyond and things that completely differs from occult and things like fantasy fiction themselves and beyond are just infinitesimally figments,specks and particles of someone or something mind Believe this for it is most likely true. I.g like Eternal source,omnipotent,spirits can all be an infinitesimal speck of someone or something mind.

Like someone probably thought of harry potter and fantastic Beasts ,marvel,DC universe and is living out those fantasies in another universe or omniverse.

What is your view on this question and topic as I whole?

I for myself am inclined to believe this
I also believe what you think of my exist on another planet or universe just not on this one.

But what do you guys think?

Eh… Say What?

You believe it’s all fantasy thinking?

Or You oppose the idea of it being fantasy?

Well I’m simply say it’s most likely that this is true

If your asking do I believe my statement is true yes I do.

Earlier there was a thread of a dude who was teaching himself how to control vibrational frequencies so he could visit other dimensions and back. Your post is a little hard to understand though, so I’m not sure if that’s what you mean. But, Theoretically you could visit any multiverse or dimension, but it would be difficult

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