Hi sorry I been absent but I have 4 questions

  1. Is the occult infinite I.e spells,Rituals,spirits,realms,dimensions,planes of existence,books,artifacts,relics, stories and tall tales and myths.

What lies above father satan i.e higher power spirits etc…

  1. What lies above or powerful than the eternal source .

  2. What lies above what we known exist I.e gods/goddess , planes of existence , realms ,dimensions, angels,demons all spirits in general


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By the occult being infinite are you talking about magick being Unlimited, in nature? Yes, magick is unlimited by nature, only the caster can place limits on the said force.

Reality is both made up of nothing and something, make of it what you will.

If you go North eventually you will be going south and then North again. It’s just a loop or a bubble.


Father Satan?

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It is not uncommon for people to see Entities as adopted family and spiritual parents.


As above so below…