Occult Supplies. Where and what country


Where is everyone purchasing their occult supplies from? And from what country?


Supplies? Like what?



Elemental tools, powders, herbs, incense ect…anything that is used in any occult art…including the materials used for bookbinding.


Luciferian apotheca i just spent $300 about 5 days ago.


Elemental Tools: Make your own. alternatively, there’s some great Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings crystal wands on-line.
Incense: New Age stores. Unfortunately there’s a few around.
Bookbinding: Learn how to keep a journal first. Start with a cheap, softback, lined note-book.



Amazon aaha


London England in the West End

Treadwell’s Pagan/Occult Bookshop some supplies are available.

Atlantis Bookshop Pagan/Occult some supplies are available.

Watkin’s Bookshop Pagan/Occult has a variety of supplies available.


^ Same! :smiley:

Also Mysteries in Covent Garden, though I’ve not been in the new shop, suspect it won’t be as much fun, I was upset when they cut their last shop in half… this page shows the kind of things they sell: http://www.mysteries.co.uk/about-us/gallery/

And The Astrology Shop, similar range and some nice gifts for normies who like atrology: https://www.londonastrology.com/


I think i might choose Lord Voldamorts wand, and enchant it by burying it in the urn, and then go around to all my enemys and use the Cruciatus curse and have them beg for death then finally kill them by using the killing curse and start creating my own Horcruxes, kill 7 people turn my 1 book black magic of Ahriman into a Horcrux,2 the urn,3 my circle of counter creation talisman pendant if i ever be able to purchase on if not i wont to know Kurtis anymore then i would have to use my stainless steel inverted pentagram, 4 a inverted pentagram ring, 5 a Boaconstricter i would name it Nagimi,6 EA Universal circle i own, 7 a Desk Top high end gaming pc all together 7 Horcruxes.


Do they sell Pyrostilpnite tumble stones.


No i hate mysteries after the change over it was fluffy bunnied to the max.

Astrology shop is ace :slight_smile:

Let me know next weekend your free and we should do a supplie run be well cool :slight_smile:


Honestly, EA does not recommend a lot of tools, but he is pretty keen on sage and incense burners from what I have seen in his training videos.
I would suggest, for the U.S., going online to shamansmarket.com for a good selection and pretty fair prices.

They have a bunch of other stuff too. I would say it is worth a look.


I made a purchase at https://www.newageincense.com. Their prices are not too bad, but you have to spend at least $100. I did not see any discount for shipping though.


I have no idea, soz! :slight_smile:


The supermarket up the road. It’s a wonderful world…

Oil, herbs, salt, ammonia, candles, food etc.

Maybe I’ll pop across the street and get some alcohol or flowers too.


It is actually a very powerful crystal and very rare.


www.luckymojo.com is one choice of mine. :slight_smile:



Depending on where you live, thrift shops are also good for candles, statues and other paraphernalia. Sometimes books, too.


Can anyone recommend a store in Australia? Looking for incense, candles etc.