Occult sites to meet people close to you!

Im in Buena Park, California. Near knotts berry farm and Disneyland.

Bandung, west Java

I know of at least one other in your area, and I have been doing work with someone here.

I’ll send you the invite to the PMs if you want to coordinate.

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Dope! Let me know ! @Unknown_Occultist


Welcome @Lili_Coco Please make an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

This is a great site already, as for meetups or dating idk, ive always walked my path alone, BUT…the right people came to me when time came I believe

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I’m in Interior Alaska.

Living in quiet town of canton Ohio and I was hoping there like minded friends around that could meet up with.

The more I work and the more I search for like minded people,the more I realize this path is intentionally lonesome.
It’s nice having people around but ultimately you have to do things yourself. Others can become a crutch and hinder your development.
Stay strong folks.


Sometimes having others to help out can really add to the potency of your ritual work. For the past few weeks I’ve been associating with somebody from this site that I met here in my local area, and the rituals so far have been, shall we say, interesting. Lots of power.

This person really does add to the potency of our rites.

Of course dating is a no go anywhere. Every single site is full of muggles and normies.

How about it, who wants to do a BALG dating thread? (Don’t do it, 100 percent joke)


I think when people (Black magicians) get into relationships and they have malicious intentions things will get very messy quickly lol. Curses flying over our heads everywhere because someone got cheated on or whatever.

I’d love to meet a girl who is into black magick and demons but i’m cautious. I won’t risk anything. She can do serious harm to me. I can’t trust people over the internet who I opened up to emotionally. Or being vulnerable to a black magick goddess who will wreck my soul afterwards.


Me 2

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San Antonio tx

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I’m in Charleston

Cool as it would be to meet people in person where you live, I’m not really sure this is the time for that with that virus thing, on the other had if you want to chat via jitsi or whatever you could do that.


I’m in Buffalo NY

Anyone in Ontario, Canada here?

from Florida


Me too, brother.