Occult perspective on Mass Madness

There was a YouTube comment under a video “The apocalypse did not break in 2012, but has anyone lived since 2012 ?”

Have you encountered any evidence about fear, anxiety, mental illnesses, rebelliousness to everything, suicide and murders, rage, extreme rationalism, egoism which are growing among the masses.

I am not really really happy since 2012-2013, and people around me, people in my region too I think.

Is it a kind of World Alchemy, like people’s mind creates reality slowly, with rectification ? Meddia effects masses, control, pump the information to masses. And then, Internet spread around the world approximately in these times, and internet servers are the main source for people, to know, what will be popular, what is true, who is the richest, who is the the worst man in the world.

Or it is related to directly to Kali Yuga, Judgement day, coming of Antichrist ?

Do you have any information about this topic, came from astral, etheric or came from any other spiritual places, which is depend of what is your belief ?

I want to be happy, just happy, not feeling anxious, not query the universe, just happy…


I think people have lived since then pretty ok at least until you know what got released into the world (saying more then that could make the thread go nuclear and blow it up from politics getting into the mix). I know I’ve been living ok since 2012 without fearing the end of the world or anything heck even then I didn’t buy the hype still don’t. Suffice to say I think I’m gonna continue to live even when all this crap is over with.

Mass madness? Only those who listen to and believe the media hype the rest of us know it’s just another…(insert current fear fad)… and we remind ourselves this to shall pass and not worry bout it.

You’ll find that it’s the sheep and the followers that get the mass madness and those with reasoning minds that question things tend not to fall into it.

There’s always been fear mongering and people hyping it and exaggerating what we have to fear. Just live learn and grow wiser with each passing fear promotion the news hypes cuz there’s always another one coming.

Add: I’ve seen a lot of fears come and go (although the Spanish flu, polio and legionnaires were before my time) I can mention the Cold War, the red scare, nuclear holo-caust (purposely misspelled) fears and Y2K as examples of things people were told to fear that now we don’t bother with worrying about. It all gets superseded by the next big fear hype.


I don’t think they’re growing; I think people are just becoming more aware of their existence. Psychology has come a long way since at least the 80s and as we learn more, it will continue to grow.

There’s also the internet. It’s a whole well of information and misinformation. We can now learn for ourselves what’s been happening in the world without having to wait for news casters to deliver it to us.

Personally, my mental health has improved since 2012 due to certain factors in my life being removed. Of course, there are moments where it does plummet, but that’s to be expected due to having mental disorders.

Again, I don’t think things have gotten more severe. I think we’re just becoming more aware of the world around us.

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I do not know. The spread of secularism is a big issue. It saves you from dogmas, but it makes you lose your moral values, such as sincerity and loving your neighbor (you can accept the meaninglessness of moral values, I am writing only the joy arising from these behaviors and thoughts). If you don’t create a coding that adds color to life, mediocrity spreads around. I don’t feel these things anymore, I thought maybe there was a universal reason

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Being secular doesn’t mean not having morals. You can still have them regardless of spiritual beliefs.


I had one of those things happen to me, where I actually heard a voice say to me, in the time between sleeping and awaking. It said “Do you live?” and it made me question if I was in fact dead.

Yeah, like my dad has a moral value about marriage even though he is agnostic. His parents got divorced and he did not want to repeat that.


The AntiChrist has been here since 2000.

What has happend since 2012 is that social media has exploded in the last couple of years wich has put people in echo chambers and has made people scared of other people, dividing them even futher.


Oh really?
Who then?

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@L-I-P @Nightside You might not wanna discuss that on thread if it has any political content.

I’m curious to know that too but not curious enough to wanna risk breaking the rules :wink:

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I don’t think the Antichrist is a political topic.

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When I compare my life to 2012 and think of everything I’ve achieved since then, I gotta say, yes I have lived. And I still do.
I don’t believe in the end of the world. At least not as long as the sun is shining and the planet is making its rounds around it.


Same. The amount of growth I’ve made and the situation I’m in makes it impossible for me to feel negative about many things😌


I will leave it at this: Dispensation Theory.

There is a theory that all ties into latter parts of the Book of Daniel, and … Im not sure from where the church that gave me this was from, but it is a drawing of the “Man of Sin”. Dispensation theory states that there are seven epochs, one for each day of the week of creation.
In each Epoch, Satan was said to seek to destroy the seed of man by any means, and a covenant was made in each epoch. Well, the second to last epoch is supposedly here.

As far as it getting political, this is simply Charismatic Belief in interpretation of prophetic writings.
Nothing more nothing less.

Agreed. I think mankind will be long gone by the time the world ends.


I agree on the social media enslaving minds and mouths. Never have I become this disgruntled with society.
Life pre internet was something, let me tell ya.

Pre internet? Man you must be old cuz the original internet was private inside some university or something and existed since if I remember right 1966 or something (though totally different from todays internet). Kidding about your age not kidding that the internet is way older then people think. It went public in the 90sbut existed for a long time before that in the hands of uni nerds (for lack of a better term).


These are photos of what I was talking about.

We all know the world gets worse over time. Humans are, after all, intelligent animals.
Now, when it comes to occult matters, I have two perspectives.
One, like the problems with early dungeons and dragons, there will he people that get too involved or are drama queens.
Two, The occult or things like dungeons and dragons are designed to create mass hysteria or hallucinations - possibly delusions.
My opinion

No we don’t all agree on that.
I rather live in 2021 than in 1021 when a simple rotten tooth or a broken bone would have a 95% chance of killing me.