Occult order of the Eastern Star

So this occult order is the bigger fraternal organization in the world! I saw the name in my cell while I was locked up. That was two years go! It’s not until now that I find that it the biggest fraternal order in the world and its my own province! Has anyone heard of this order? Is there any one part of this order?

If memory serves me this is the women’s group of Freemasons.

I see.

OES is a sister fraternity to Freemasonry, as to be a Mason one must be a man. Theyre not all that esoteric, they pretty much cook and serve the members of the lodge at a dinner event or similar function. They have their own little ceremonies which mirror Freemasonry in some ways, but as far as influence or networking goes its nothing like the men’s aspect of the fraternity. Sorry to dissapoint lol.