Occult material featuring Beelzebub

I would like to ask of any of our members happens to know about any credible and functional system or work (books) featuring Beelzebub / Baalzebul.

I wish to look into this particular entity but I am not well read enough at this time to know what is out there.



Here is some basic information for you to look at. He is featured in the Goetia, however this tome offers only basic attributions and sigils of the 72 Djinn. Aside from this basic information I would find a sigil and open it. Meditate on it to gain basic contact and go from their. Waaaaay to many people rely on etymology and the pressupositions of man. If you want to know about an entity just work with it. Go straight to the horses mouth. One of the first questions I ask any entity is… “In what ways can you help my spiritual ascent outside of what is already known?” Infernal blessings to you and yours. I hope this help.

Tis the information age. Libraries are almost frikkin outdated. Everything is but a google search away

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The really funny thing was here I was thinking, maybe Beelzebub is not Bael. I say that only because with those few times I called up the spirit Bael, I did not clear up the notion of whether it was also the same as Beelzebub or not.

May as well get cracking