Occult capitals of the world?

I’m doing a little research and would like to ask for your input.

In your experience and observation, which cities would you say has most human magick taking place in? Which cities would you say house most magicians and have a lot of things going on about them?

London & Glastonbury England (honourable mention goes to Whitby)


New Orleans, Louisiana

Salem, Massachusetts

Seattle, Washington

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Mexico City (Santa Muerte cults)

Brasilia, Brazil

Smaller places:

Damanhur, Benevento, & Triora Italy

and of course Hogwarts (to get there hop on the 9 3/4 platform at King’s Cross tube station in London. Get there early (or late) as there is often a long queue. Mind your head.)

There are lots more small hot spots including places in France and Germany along with the UK but England is probably the occult capital of the world.

No, absolutely nothing magical happens in Seattle. (Don’t come visit, traffic is bad enough as it is…). :wink:

Tibet is renowned for being one of the most spiritually attuned places on planet Earth, pretty much the entire country.

Orismen you afraid of being discovered as being one of those Hipsters? Are you a Techy?

From what i’ve seen, there is a shit ton of magick going on in and around London, UK; Israel; Toronto, Canada; Hong Kong; Chicago; New York City; northwestern Los Angeles; Bahia region of Brazil; New Orleans; all over Italy and the Phillippines; Hawaii; Indonesia; Lebanon and Syria; Iraq; Lagos, Nigeria; and Mumbai.

Geographically, any city located in or near an area of land that is at or below sea level is naturally magickal. The same is true for land formed by volcanoes or near swampland. So if you want, begin looking in those locations and you’ll find what you want.

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Living in London myself, and having been to Glastonbury a few times for group ritual, I can vouch for both places massively. London is chocked with magickal lodges (two of which I’m slowly becoming a member of), and I’ve counted 2 book stores dedicated purely to occult/esoteric books and tools, who both have open circles every month where practicing magicians gather for group ceremony.
Anywhere around Glastonbury is amazing for magick/energy work in my opinion, it feels as if there’s a veil between the town and the outside world (so much so that if you’re sensitive enough you can feel the energetic change on the border line lol). I can’t remember where in Glastonbury (near Tor and the Red Springs if any Brits want to clarify me ;)) but there’s a main square that has 10-15 shops that are ALL occult based in one way or another, with the exception of Tea cafes of course (we are British after all…). If you ever get a chance to go, I’d really recomend it.

There’s also Philadelphia; Miami; Kingston, Jamaica, and Amsterdam. Not to mention Vienna and Essen; Koln; Zurich; Monaco; Port au Prince; and Paris. Cairo has always been magickal. So is Abudja and Kinshasa. Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok have some serious work being done. Tokyo as well, and all over the countryside in Vietnam. There are PLENTY of cities where you find magick being done, but you’ll find even more of it being done outside the cities in the country.

From personal observation, i can tell you for a fact there is a shit ton of Satanic magick being done in Sydney, Australia and the Gold Coast.

The hardest magick being done to affect today’s world events is taking place in both London and New York.

Whitby? What ever happened there ?

Lmmfao you think NYC isn’t hardcore??

Do or say something that puts you near any of the money on Wall Street and watch shit hit the fucking fan on you.

I once spent a week of my life fighting for my life just because i pointed out to an investor a way of investing like the top NYC stockbrokers do that anyone can do if they take the time to do it.

They don’t fuck around with their magick in NYC or Chicgao. VERY trigger-happy in those cities.

Curious as to what sort of magic they used on you?

Constantinople is one that comes to mind from the past which has since then declined.

New York is pretty strong, Cairo is one insanely magical location and as mentioned before Tibet.

Do you mean culturally? Or the collective paranormal spots they contain?

I’ll just sit over here quietly in no mans land, swamps of south ga, and stay unnoticed! :slight_smile:


don’t tell them about the South

They wouldn’t be able to handle it


don’t tell them about the South

They wouldn’t be able to handle it[/quote]
Definitely a magick all of its own !

Thats ok, I prefer to stay in the North of Colder weather. Im not fond of the “sticky” humidity of Georgia.

Aww… Boo i thought we might conjure up something sometime :frowning:

i really Hate hot sticky weather. a long time ago I traveled to FL and that was ok. I stayed in Ft. Benning for a few weeks and after showering and getting dressed in light club wear for a night out I was immediately Wet after stepping out the front door. I will akways make exceptions for Cali tho, the weathers nice and dry =) and there are Goddesses running around everywhere there.

Its cool not everyone can take the heat and stickiness. Im used to it. Born here. Lived in va for a few years i loved it but theres no place like home.