Occult "burnout"


I´ve noticed over the years that spiritual power and energy has loopings in it´s intensity, some months I can do magick work practically every day and some like I had 3 months so far I just can switch my head on for this, totally mundane…so collegues how do you combat these hardships in sorcerer´s career ?


Good question. I’ve also noticed that some days my energy is thick and palpable and nearly visible, and other days it’s so weak I can’t even feel it.
I don’t have an answer for you, but I do know that once you’ve mastered the elements and forces, you can re-energize quickly and overcome these slumps.
As for a quick fix - don’t have one. Perhaps some fruits and veggies, a protein shake, some energy work, and some emotion stabilization might help ya pull out of the funk. In fact, I may just try this next time :stuck_out_tongue: hehe


From what I’ve learned so far, its as if it comes in cycles and each cycle is like the beginning of a wave that you can ride into eternity. But sometimes it goes wrong and you have to wait for the next cycle to ride the wave again. That is, until you learn that you can indeed ride it into eternity.


Interesting take. Do you have a reference for that? I’m def interested in this theory. Or is this something you’ve picked up from your own experience? And if so, could you detail it a bit?


…Great Thread to start Hrajnoha :slight_smile: I was mediating on this general subject last night while I was reading from the Book of AZAZEL in bed. (this is also a habit I have that I Highly reccomend ~ Read 1 chapter a night, atleast 5 nights a week from Any of EA’s books, …and the later at night and more relaxed you are will conduce a more naturally meditative state where you can read the same material more “In between the lines” so to speak). Id like to quote a particular passage from the Book of Azazel in particular, page 163: “Once the paranormal becomes the normal, our interactions with the realm of limitless possibility diminishes, not because the method suddenly or spontaneously becomes any less effective, but because the trigger, which is the self, is no longer primed, no longer excited by the ritual, no longer turned on by the whole thing.” EA couldnt be any more right.
I dont have the cure-all for low swings of Magickal Impotentcy, but I can share some advice that are Powerful Essentials for my self. …So here they are in no particular order:
Music ~ Music is very Magickal in itself, and is the audible vibration of Passionate emotion. Music is a magickal elevator, a vehicle that can be ridden in, up or down into Extreme emotional Highs or Lows, and deliver you in an Emotional state conducive for magickal application. …I have a Superior sound system in my truck that fucking cranks!! I’ll put on some loud, thunderous ass shit that caters to the particular Energy Current Im looking to ride, and be immersed in. …This alone can eject you out of spiritual sluggishness. -Overwhelm your self with the Power of the Music, Turn it up Fucking Loud, close your eyes and give yourself over to it’s emotion, fall deep into it’s current, then absorb, refuel, and incorporate its POWER!
Exercise ~ …like AZAZEL told EA, “Make yourself STRONG. You are a being of Power, of Strength. That which exists in the formed invisibility is to be made flesh. Solidify and Strengthen your own Temple, and Your Empire will rise around You.” …make sure you incorporate some kind of daily routine into your life that promotes Strength, and Endurance. The more Powerful you become physically, will naturally spill over into your own confidence, spiritual life, and metaphysical abilities.
Read EA’s Works ~ lol. no Im not just saying that cause Im on his forum Goddammit! :)~ …but because herein lies all the information that you need to become a Power Magickian on an escalator of Limitless Power and Potential. ALL his books are fucking Loaded Weapons to be made use of in combating WHATEVER goal you seek to attain. Incorporating the knowlege in these books will make you proficient in the “3 Godlike Powers” referenced to on this site, and will arm you with the skills to begin your own Divine Quest, utilizing the catolog of Inconprehensibly Ancient Spirits with Immeasurable Power and Ability, to initiate the change in reality, that their described attributes are capable of rendering, …and that your Looking for! After you have read all his Works, I suggest rereading …and rereading and rereading and rereading and rereading and rereading, not only to absorb the content and meaning, but to “Stay in the Question” of certain applications (like Evocation) so that so can come to a better and True understanding of the process. After you have gone through his catalog several times, I suggest picking one of his books that aligns with what your working on at the moment, and read 1 chapter a night - so as to give yourself time to meditate on, reflect, and digest the Intended Subject matter of that one particular section. Staying immersed in this gnosis, will kindle the Obsession you need to conquer Magickally, on a Daily basis.
Meditation & Appication ~ …I remember EA told someone on Facebook once, something like: "You cant just read about and imagine riding a bike while your on the couch. To do it, you need to get out there and get your feet on the pedals, and keep getting back on when you fall off."
In conjunction with the other things I described, …you need to meditate Daily to remain Spiritually Tuned In, and Immersed in the Current of Power. One also needs to Apply this knowlege. The more you do it, the faster you can engage the states needed for results, You’ll refine your own process, and your own Power and Confidence will compound from your repetitive and Increasingly Powerful results!!
…Hope this has been good food for thought on Triumphing over the fuck’in pitfall of “burnout”. Like I said, these are just some things that work for me, but keep my Powerful, Daily Ascent escalating with a Demonic Ravenous Fury.


Hey DK, I don’t really know how else to explain it :confused: except to say that it comes in cycles and from my experience each ‘cycle’ resets every 3 months or so. Now this is not to say that you can’t perform magick at the tail end of a cycle. Its more that if you were to start a new phase of magick such as learning skrying or pathworking a certain system that it would advantageous and a lot easier on yourself if you started at the beginning of one of these cycles.

I have not been able to find a correlation between cycles and anything else; months, seasons, days, weeks, weather patterns, emotional states. They appear to be completely independent and unique for every person.

And the only way to know when a cycle is going to start is an increasing urge to perform a certain type of magick or magick in general, which rapidly builds momentum day by day until you feel like you’re gonna burst! At this point, its pretty much do it NOW or let the opportunity pass you by.


Dude, I’m going to take you up on this. I love it. I think that’s a legitimate way to keep the fire stoked. EA’s words are always filled with fuel and explosive motivation, not to mention the rarity and clarity of the knowledge. The internalization of which is irreplaceable.

I just finished reading Brain Magick not too long ago. Farber goes over this as well. He calls it “woohoo” heh. But his breakdown is that woohoo is a product of intensity, duration, and novelty. And indeed, the novelty tends to wear out the fastest. Intensity is dependent on your state of mind and can be enhanced with substances and a progressing skill level. Duration is really the one that ‘just anybody’ can count on almost every single time. However, duration isn’t always possible, and can often lead to boredom in some cases.

He’s outlined a set of meditations you can do to help recapture the originality and intensity of your initial experiences so you can, more or less, recreate that primary burst of enthusiasm and re-vamp your fire.

I had to repost this because I had a brain surge after I wrote the initial post. Check it out, use Farber’s amping meditations to capture the initial excitement, follow it with a chapter or two of EA’s works to super-charge the explosion of magickal “woohoo”, and then ‘photograph’ the state for use in the next cycle. Almost seems like it could have a massive amplification effect.

oh - dudes - I’m totally trying this. heh
Thanks for the suggestion Gozer - I’m totally going to do it!
Also - check out Brain Magick if you haven’t yet - I think you’d really dig it for this very reason.

Yeah man, I can see that. I haven’t noticed a specific rhythm personally, but I don’t doubt it. Everything is rhythm and vibration. So that totally makes sense that there would be such a cycle and that it would be so personal and unique to each individual.

Holy shit - excellent thread. Everybody should read this thread. Good information here. Everybody goes through this. Imagine not having to deal with it and always being on the up-and-up.

I think this should be something that should go in the “for every student of magick” files. This forum - christ - it’s a legitimate magickian training factory. It’ll be pumping out mages like a Mormon pumps out kids! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again Gozer.


[quote=“GOZER, post:5, topic:433”]
…Hope this has been good food for thought on Triumphing over the fuck’in pitfall of “burnout”. Like I said, these are just some things that work for me, but keep my Powerful, Daily Ascent escalating with a Demonic Ravenous Fury.[/quote]

Sure fucking did… thank you ! I needed to be slapped upside the head with that today haha.


I’m glad you brought up novelty as far as combating burnout. This is one of the biggest tools for me to continue practicing. I think it’s also a great benefit to helping develop your own style. I love to learn and try new things and try to understand as many of the intricate details of a subject. Once I have a good understanding I’m ready to move on to something else.

Magic has so many different facets to the many paths that one can explore that it’s difficult not to be able to find something new and interesting.


i’m a bit inebriated right now and didn’t read all posts, so i apologise if what i have to offer has been said. first, music is good. use any form of stimulation to overload the senses for a prolonged period of time. apply a magical lense until things start to look more inspiring. incorporate the occult into the every day and the truly magical will look all the more extraordinary. other than that, maybe consult a sex therapist. seriously. the concept of novelty is the same, and they’re professionals in these matters. don’t be afraid to experiment or just do whatever you want. rules make for good inspiration for what not to do, and therefore all the more reason to go ahead and break them, but what happens when there are no rules? then let’s find something impossible and find a way to make it manifest in the real world. if it doesn’t work the first time, then we have a new thing to aspire to. for a while anyway.

kind regards, jimmy.