Occult Book Prices Falling?

Are occult book prices falling? I’ve been watching the prices of EA’s Kingdom of Flames drop. Someone recently tried to sell a copy on Ebay at a beginning bid of $300. It never sold because no one made a bid on it. I also checked on Uthark’s book the “Nightside of the Runes.” A vendor on Amazon.com is trying to sell a copy at $450. However, the same hard-cover edition sold on Ebay for only $150. It sold for only $150 because no one offered a higher bid. Are these cases isolated incidences or is this a trend?

People are discovering either “The Library of Doge” or Scribid.

I hope it becomes a trend. I’ve honestly gotten far more use out of $20 paperbacks than I have the high end talsimanic consecrated limited editions I own.

If it does become a trend the only loser’s are the scalpers and resellers.

[quote=“Orismen, post:2, topic:3554”]People are discovering either “The Library of Doge” or Scribid.[/quote] he he he definately

There’s a page that shows you the actual sales of ebay sellers. It turned out that all the $1500 + Koetting and Liber Lilith sellers never sold a single item, lets hope book prices revert to normal. I’m not opposed to someone earning some profit but it’s become a bit silly, which sucks for people who genuinely wish to study certain concepts.

Occult Book Bubble? How epic…

Thanks! That does make a lot of sense

I’m actually hoping people are realizing they’re just dropping fistfuls of cash on the same rehashed bullshit. I’m just as guilty as I have far too many books and have more on their way when they come off back order. The truth is most books out their are just repeats of things you should already know by now if you’ve read a least 5 good books on the occult. Every now and then a real gem comes along but for the most part what you see in these high prices limited editions you could learn from a $10 paperback or $5 kindle edition.

Now if you’re a collector ride the wave as their are more limited exktion books oit now than ever before but if your actually expecting to get something new from these books you’ll likely be dissapointed.

You hit it on the mark. That’s really accurate. The bubble has popped and prices are falling. As people wait for more affordable prices, the asking price continues to drop.

You hit it on the mark. That’s really accurate. The bubble has popped and prices are falling. As people wait for more affordable prices, the asking price continues to drop.[/quote]

Its insane to pay a fortune for something that you can simply get a pdf for free, print its cover and cast its sigil out.


$15,000 … what are they smoking?

This $6,000 one has been sitting on eBay for years.


For 6000,- you’re better of taking the pdf to a printer and getting the most elaborate custom version one could imagine. The 15.000 is enough to reprint the damn book in the finest leather edition for you and all your friends :stuck_out_tongue:

Illegal, but true

That’s true but some one in the forum mentioned earlier that as a little gift, EA has enchanted his books so that the book owner’s abilities are enhanced and guides the reader to what he needs to know. This enchantment applies only to the physical book copies and not the pdf version or bootlegged version.

If that was the case do you think people would really be parting with them? Did the seller get tired of increased abilities? He may have bound them with a spirit but i’ve not heard anyone mention increased abilities just from owning a copy of his book, practicing from the book will enhance abilities.