Occult approaches to hedonic balance?

This might seem like a strange question, ie. I’m sure a lot of people on seeing this would knee-jerk the reply ‘What are you talking about? You just do it!’. I’m particularly interested in occult approaches, ie. tools, for maintaining hedonic balance if your normal routes to this like good diet, plenty of sleep, physical activity, etc. are getting stretched to their limits. Not talking so much about depression or anxiety, not even fully work-related stress, a bit more like getting through deep existential crises with your health still in tact and without making some concession to keep yourself functional that leaves you worse off in the long run.

I suppose this might be less about casting spells and more about tapping internal resource or working with beings who know their isht on how to work out very precise internal balances during difficult times or long walks in the desert.

Not sure how much more I can elaborate on this one, if you think you know what I’m asking take a shot. I’m curious whether I’m looking at something like Tumo, whether I should be grabbing up Circuit of Force, or whether there are other more immediate and practical approaches I should be looking at.

Thank you in advance.


Now are you asking for other methods on how to deal with stress and internal balance or how do higher beings help you through the stress and teaching you how to control the energy so you can make the balance yourself?

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@Dean_Gullberry_Dd so - yes and yes.

For the second a drill down on ‘who’ might be good and particularly looking for teaching rather than approaching them in a cargo-culty way.

Well I have recently been using my limited resources of a tarot deck and my head to try and connect with the 4 spirits of sacred prostitution. It’s a weird way of doing it but it’s working. To be honest I have mostly used my intuition on finding ways for things to work. If it feels right to you then try it and if it doesn’t than move on with another approach. I know this is fairly similar to the answer of “you just do it” but a little more defined. For the entities that can help you with dealing with stress. They all are vary wise and can help, the thing that differs is the way they will approach it. Like I had a hard time with moving on with the past and didn’t feel like anyone could love me for who I am. So I summoned a succubus(or a incubus depending on what you are into), they are very intelligent in understanding the way emotions work. There is the stereotype that they are lustful demons that only care about the exchange of sex. But it’s more in-depth they know how to use sexual energy in many different ways. But the main thing that helped me is they are surprisingly good councilors! They understand humane emotions because their emotions work the same way. Surprisingly this is the same with most higher beings and entities. Anyways they can be a good start. It’s easy to summon them and they only want a mutual exchange in energy or maybe a task that helps someone or something out. Most of them are friendly but like humans they are all different with their own personality’s. Just remember to be respectful to them and they will be more than happy to help.

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I have worked with The Four in the past. I follow what you’re saying about them being broader beings than just sexuality but I still cringe a bit for reasons of personal circumstance - ie. my mettle is getting tested in terms of life stress, a large part of that test seems to be hedonic rebalancing through sexuality, and I’m really hoping to find a nonsexual way to take the edge off more so that less adjustment has to be worked out through sexuality because when that becomes the only go-to parameter things can get odd.

Yea I can see how it could be weird for some. I only have about two months of “magik” experiences myself and the big four is what led me into my path so that’s most of my knowledge. Sorry for not being able to recommend more ways.

I’m thinking I might pursue the following boundaries a bit more:

  1. defend my boundaries more at work (if scheduling makes a zero-sum game between our clients - I’ll do what I can with it but I’m not digging into my soul every day for performance because there’ll be nothing left in short order that way).

  2. I’m really going to push back on my own Darwinian pessimism, not the reality of my observations but the need to really build the temple within myself and keep the good order of that temple as my first priority, worldly BS as something I have my finger on the pulse of but not at the expense of my interior structure. Point being, that temple needs to stand out over and dominate the BS rather than having the temple fill up with sewage and start to crumble.

There may be a 3) or 4) that would be helpful along these lines and someone might think of something, this is just what I have for now.