Occult and Tattoos

As I’m planning my tattoos, a thought came up.

I was contemplating a tattoo of Fenrir, bound and chained, and within his eyes, a reflection of a blindfolded woman, offering her eyes to open Pandora’s Box. (Check out Tony Mancia from Stygian Gallery in Atlanta, his art is phenomenal)

Its more of an art piece/homage to my lifelong love of mythology. Has been in the works for a while. But then I realized that the first Evokation Ive ever done was Fenrir.

My question could cross over with other depictions of deities, but goes as follows:
If one gets an image or likeness (not a sigil) of an entity, is that a binding tie to that thing? If now, i follow through with the idea, would that tattoo be a portal for the Great Wolf, or would it simply be an homage to the old myths as intended?


I would think it’s an homage. A lot of people get tattoos of the eye of Horus or a Buddha or other Religious iconography that isn’t even their own. Plus we could probably find plenty of tattoos that look like they would be a depiction of an entity that we know, but it’s just something someone got cuz they think it looks cool.

I don’t think you should have any problems.


Shouldn’t have any issues, but ask him personally


Yeah buddy, I will at some point. Currently in another persons home, i dont like to perform magick unless it is in my own domain


I understand you I will be moving back with my family for 1 month until my new apartment is ready. Cool thing about my new apartment in the back there is huge forest with a river I could do some rituals there in private :smiley: :grin:


That’s a good idea. If someone got a tattoo of my face I’d probably get a little creeped out and not be happy about not having any say in my likeness being put on display in their body.

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That is a VERY good point lol.
If he’s not alright with it, ill continue with my alternate plan of a Dark Souls sleeve :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just make sure you don’t let anyone chose the tatto for you :joy::joy:

And chose your tatto artist wisely

And your golden :grinning:


Working with my animal self / animalistic spirit the wolf Azlayek …

I got a tattoo of him on my arm and of the blood moon as this is the time his power is the strongest i then used this as his seal to house his power, he’s already inside me but this increases our connection and power.

So think about it first because when we get these tattoos these spirits are with us forever even if you cover it its still there so think about the future not just now.

But good luck brother i saw a man who had a tattoo of Fenrir standing on the earth surrounded by Skoll and Haiti the wolves of the sun and moon with a runic border so maybe that will give you a idea.


Yes but primarily if it is intended as such. I think you could get Fenrir without necessarily being tied to him. But if you wanted to do so as a way to persistently harness that power, you could. Kinda like Connor’s wolf-moon tat.

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Just be sure you want to be tied to the power you put on your body. Fenrir is a manifestation of raw, primal, devouring power. He’s the ravenous side of nature that devours without thought. It’s your body and I can’t tell you what to do though. I’ve got two runic tattoos, one on each leg. I chose only runes that would empower and uplift me. And if you do get the tat, share a pic.

Hm… I was thinking about having the invented sigil I made from my True Name tattooed somewhere on me. Would that strengthen the bond between me and my Higher Self?