Obvious way to train your visualization skills

This may be a very obvious way, but I just wasn’t sure if it was as obvious as it seems. Try reading a fantasy book. Or any book, just build the characters in your head and make them do actions as you read. So for example, if you read “the white rabbit bounced in the white fluffy snow” you should visualize that rabbit bouncing, but hone in on the rabbits details. How tall is the rabbit, how easily visible is it, and how far is it bouncing? I’ve been doing this for years, even before I got into magic. So I know it seems obvious but I think it may help someone out there.


Very simple and effective method to train yourself in visualization without making it feel like hard work. Great suggestion.


I’ve actually seen this recommended in a few magical books. It’s a natural extension of reading a good book :+1:


It really tripped me out when I learned that alot of people didn’t just do that naturally when reading. Like, how does the book not play out like a movie in your head when you read it?!



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Five or so years ago, it tripped me out that people can make pictures with their minds. I can’t even get after images, and I’ve put more than a little bit of effort into it.

I actually asked everyone I knew at the time, because I thought we all thought in words only- full sentences to be exact. It’s pretty easy though, because you can imagine what the scenario feels like, the textures, hear the sounds, taste the tastes and smell the smells.


Yes I also thought this is how everyone reads a book or story. I can’t imagine not imagining the scene lol.

@Keteriya, I wonder if you have ever tried blinking your eyes open and closed really fast while looking at something with an easy shape, fast so it’s like stroboscopic? Your phone or hand or whatever is both there and not there at the same time. You know what size it is and what it feels like.

Or can you draw a picture of a heart shape or write your name with your eyes closed?

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It’s really not a matter of not imaging a scene, it’s simply imaging it without visual effects. I deleted my other reply because it seemed counter productive with less than 2% of the American population having Aphantasia, and I wrote it while laying in bed so figured my words didn’t come across the way I meant it.

I think most people do just need to practice their visualization and structuring skills, and do wish I could could visualize thing like my kids faces. But I don’t have any trouble recalling the details, I can describe them because I’ve seen them. I can feel and shape energy, I can audibly hear the sound texture of a persons voice when recalling their words, and quite honestly when I see something, I know I saw it- because I cannot create images with my mind either inside it or to project them in front of me, so in many ways it makes this path easier for me.

I may not be able to force an imagination based image for spirits to build upon, but I do get visual impressions of many spirits so it’s not exactly necessary, and I can see value in being able to, expect for I never have to wonder if it was my imagination, because I can’t make any visual imaginations.

I think in words, but it’s not like… type or like I can see the words. It’s not even sounds so I’m not sure how to describe it other than its literally word based, with no visual or audio unless I am recalling a memory.