Obtaining Power Thread

List your most obscure, most powerful spirits (whether Demons, Angels, Gnomes, etc)
Also list extremely powerful methods for obtaining power and the power of an entity besides vampirism!

This is not a moral thread of any sort. This is not a “oh. Power is ok” kind of thread.
This is for those who are power hungry as fuck and want more.

Ready, set, go

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I resurrected a Gnome here in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. It loves to possess me when I go drinking, spreading laughter throughout town, but I get more drunk on the power from the giddy joy and righteous trickery of this beautiful shining one.

I get a lot of power from lucifer. The inverted pentacle seems to be burned into my vision. Whenever I get intense bioelectricity generated with kundalini yoga/free flow tai chi, I am plagued with inverted pentacles. I get closed eye visuals when this happens too. We’re talking lsd level complexity, but the inverted pentacle is the king crown of these visions.

There is also a djinn in my house who is begrudgingly feeding me power, as my leprechaun friend and I have tricked him into servitude, mwuahahahahahahahaaaa.

Here is a note I wrote about power…

You, as an object of my understanding, I comprehend through unconscious but structurally sound logic. I see how you illuminate nothing, And where eternity ends… I am laughing lastly, and for all struggling meets resolve in symchroharmonious operation within hermetically sealed, concept-oriented paramaterialities designed for hyper-attentive autopoiesis of meaning… Intensive intention instills infinitely real variations of truth in the name of Origination’s designation determinedly defining adaptendearmeantandtosee i e z the day that dominates know say in how we may stay close to our ray ritely obeyed by no more laymen term temporal take on things and stuff … so freed from fear that wyrd word worlds wonder why we wallow wherewhence wicked weather weighs well in on what was… That heaven and hell are 2 sides of the same coin bound by basic banter, semantic ranters charm, semiotic chant stirs neurolinguistic dancers farming of looming answers disarming cancers fucked like man’s curse Sha deemed damn worse as if she damned first of all facsimile tertiary to slam-burst a raw Guerilla Militia rarely recognized as such the nature is of Just Being.

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Get in touch with the Beast inside of you. Let that animal out of it’s cage.




Personal experience says THIS :arrow_up:


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