Obtaining Magickal Name(s)

Was just reading a good article in here, and it mentioned using ones "Magickal Name"
This was interesting, as i have thought about it, and last week kinda got a “magickal name”, just popped in my head- clueless if it was ‘inspired’ or if it even had a meaning. Also, I know when mormons are given their “New Name” which is given to about 1000 other people that day, they are told for some reason not to reveal it ( well I know the reason but it is bogus), but I am wondering if ‘revealing’ our ‘magickal name’ like on this forum has any comprimising issues, or is it a safe thing ?
Also- just as Pharoahs had several names, which to me are clearly magickal names which are used to operate in differing currents, and for the most part not ‘hidden’ for the most part; i am kinda thinking i will end up having far more than one name- and will end up with numerous ‘sets of names’; does anyone know about more about the topic- never bothered me until the one name popped into my head, now wondering what to do with it.
Frater Draco Dark Matter, is my common public name, but now with the newcomer on the list “darkmatter” i am wondering if I should copyright the name, or some other way of legal protection as the last thing I want is to have a battle over names for some dumb reason.

I don’t reveal mine - I’m not sure you could copyright it unless you trade using it, for example McDonald’s is a trademark, but I don’t think you can prevent someone using a similar name when they’re not taking away from your business.

Avatars help distinguish people on forums, for example there’s a LadySpartan, LadyLeviathan13# and ladylust registered on this forum, so that’s something for people to consider if they join and then see someone has a similar name - remember this forum is only visible after you register, so there’s no way for someone to check in advance if a regular poster uses a similar name. :slight_smile:

Getting back to magickal names, I currently have more than one, they ID me for different “currents” and different purposes, so there’s not, as far as I know, a limit.

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I used to not “believe” in magical names, but when I flew to the sabbat and was immediately initiated by the Black Man, I was given a new witch name for the cult. Interestingly, it is the name certain demons who hold power in my line of the craft refer to me by.
And I was explicitly told never to reveal it.

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