Obstacles to Theta/Gamma Sync

Hello everyone,

I understand there are specific threads for the attainment and maintenance of theta/gamma sync, its also known as Bardo in Buddhism where a person slips into the so-called inbetween. As we can see, many forms of the same thing as usual.

But! Why I’m bringing this up is because there are some specific issues for myself which I hope to be able to address. So far, I have been making use of simple inhalation and exhalation along with either a mental or vocal soft chant of either a buddhist mantra or the summoning incantation from the book of Azazel. Understandably, both are just a means to focus.

For some unknown reason, I am yet unable to perform that staring at the space between the wall and the ceiling. It results in some form of eye irritation where my eyes seem to twitch and then wish to close, even though my consciousness is still there. Trying to continue seems to break my concentration so I’m not sure if that’s valid for me. (To elaborate, I blur my eyes while looking at the lines but don’t yet seem able to fixate on a point just in front of the blurred lines)

However, as I go deeper into focus, I notice that my body could be allowed to rock in some form of motion that feels ‘natural’, usually its circular motion. If I don’t do that, it also seems ‘natural’ to just let go and rotate my head. I am not sure why this occurs, but I could probably just keep still. For now though, I am letting it happen so I can creep towards the state of rapture.

Still, there is a fairly big hurdle that I’ve encountered. Or maybe its a small hurdle. My consciousness that’s at the forefront of the mind seems to be hindering reception and progress forward. A few of the entities I’ve established communication (currently) with seem to suddenly prefer using my mouth to speak to me (how it happens is my jaw seems to relax, and then I talk with no apparent thought) and one of them mentions that to move forward, I need to be able to set aside that front of my mind. These entities being Azazel and some of the demons associated with it, which I pull to me for various experiments or operations.

What I would like to discover, is if anyone has any small pointers which could be used to overcome these last few obstacles on the way? I believe once its all out of my way, I can reach the full rapture easily.

what i do is a calmly stare into space or a sigil. and i keep my eyes comfortably open. which means i am NOT putting pressure on my eyes to see something. which translate into you opening your eyes “to wide”. which i used to catch myself doing and i stopped…cuz it would make my eyes hurt. if you just relax and CALMLY STARE…dont open your eyes wide… stare at the space as long as u comfortably can without blinking but when u HAVE to blink u just blink…but try not to blink bllink blink…i feel like when u comfortably stretch ur blinking it just does something…thats when i begin to see the "green mist or plasma looking waves that overflood my eyes that i consider the theta gamma

i feel that being in a relaxed state and stretching blinking will kind of make your eyes “fall asleep awake”…which to me is what induces the theta gamma for me…idk if that makes any kind sense…LOL…and doing this BEING RELAXED and BREATHING slowly like ur meditating…


Kokuto, I’d just relax do whatever your body is trying to do, everyone is different and there is no one right way. The best advice I can give is to relax completely and just let it happen. Theta gamma sync was one of the biggest things I had trouble getting into, the more you think about it or wait for it to kick in the longer and more difficult it will be to achieve. Mental relaxation is just as important if not more than the physical relaxation.

Constantly, it seems like I’m just on the very tip of it. Like standing on a cliff but not falling over. As many reported sensations of reaching close to this state are what I can feel as well, its just my mind seems to have me pull back at the edge or it messes up the process.

Unlike others, I’ll probably end up not using my eyes for a bit until I truly access it. But these bits and pieces all inform me that I am still just holding back somehow, rather than being able to give in.

I think I even experienced the peaked senses thing many years ago when I first tried meditating, being able to hear sounds from locations that I couldn’t hear before. Its just vexing that today, as I try it the process seems to stop before it completes itself.

There is a point in the title "Eight Lectures on Yoga" by A. Crowley that might help- as it differentiates "breaks" in Concentration while developing the skill (a slip in the process) vs "breaks" that are the result of concentration ReVealing something further...

Many seem to like the idea of "pretending.. feel as if" and yet the similarities don't link/ ie if someone hears a shout in the ear that result in rapid heartbeat, doesn't mean if I am injected with Adrenaline (thus my heartbeat leaps)- therefore I'll hear a shout in my ear?   (the old correlation vs causation: post hoc est prompter hoc- slip-slope)
-if it helps the idea of not trying to tweak/stress your senses, but rather Know that there is Something you can Sense but not Perceive directly (and can you Connect with that- directly with your Energetic senses... the first step, can you Concretely link to that).    

Once that touch is made, and you know it is sort-of behind the curtain/veil etc. -so you’re not trying to Distort your Vision (promoting blurring of sight/trancing-out lost focus) but rather with that sense (like those “magiceye” randomdot Stereograms- those speckle things you look at and after frustration :slight_smile: a 3d images arises…) . you system adjusts… (thus there are 2 ways it can “slip”… either just disordered, vs focusing upon this else… either way- the Enviro distorts as you reAlign to this thing you’ve Connection with…)

 -I think that is different to have connection with that Other before you begin this drill, vs just staring and trying to let go (to quote EA "skry for nothing and you will see nothing." like having a question, in addition having a sense of what you are trying to ReVeal as well- thus 2 things.. the question to ask in this Viewing, as well as start with this sense of SomeThing off-screen.. and then allow the process to realign.

I hope that isn’t too much, some of what I’ve written in other posts (and above may be repetitive), but wondering if Others here might disagree with that, or it might be unclear… either way, interesting question to me

I am not sure of what is going on in my body if anything, I can feel the points of tension in it but maybe that’s not important at all. There is some sort of discomfort that occasionally appears when I try to get into theta/gamma, aside from the gradual loss of orientation. Its feels like some form of tension or pressure in the back or top parts of my skull, or maybe its just the other muscles rather than the skull itself.

I do not know if its anything to do with it but it generally does interfere by making me bothered. Consequently, I wrote about eye twitching earlier didn’t I? My latest attempt seemed to go further but my eyes strangely twitched again very strongly while my eyes were closed. I’m not sure if it was my eyes or my eyelids that did that since it had to be one of those. Since it happened a second time while the eyes were closed, I’m not sure what its supposed to show.

That description seems to indicate something that happened to me as I developed- discovering that a certain constant tension in the eyes/sinuses/base of skull-neck…
and as I ‘relaxed’ the part of ‘my brain’ all those parts would disalign (so reflex re-tightens up to re-align, release-let-go again… etc)… and all the small shifts and resulting tightness,
in the same way that a dis-located (ie “out of location” ~dis-aligned) joint that has grown into that FIT… if you try and push the bones back into place- the ligiments/tendons/else tissue, pulls/tears/hurts until stretches enough.

also a big issue of “how one is thinking” (how tight that focus is- ie let it flow like water, and not with a sense of “tightly holding on to the nozzle”… let it expand-absorb flow)- and, in a 2 step, letting it-all drop to your intestines/pelvic floot and from there flow to the soles of your feet

Not holding your focus in your eyes- literal or mentally UpThere, and look down… actually like melting… like a cat does that you try and pet and they sort of bend-flex out of the way maximally… let your flesh sort of flow down to your feet)… even rotate your feet both directions- in such a way as to move your flesh through you leg up from ankle to your hips… that rotation, and then being still again, and again let things sink from your head to your feet. (as if a weight was in clumps through your body and you sort of slip out of the way and breathe to allow that sinking/let go). I hope that might help some

I used to have eye irritation when I first started out too, especially when I was staring at flame and sigils without relaxing enough.

I think the most gentle method I’ve found to get into sync is to turn off all the lights in my room save for a candle or two, turn off my computer monitor, and then gaze into that. The larger surface and soft light makes it really hard for your eyes to feel strained if you’re gazing correctly. It’s also one of the few methods I’ve found that helps make my surroundings disappear and head into rapture.

Maybe you wanna try and ride the disturbances. I’ve been used to having to point out when my body is acting up on awareness alone, so it is pretty easy for me to be comfortable with a bodily disturbance. When doing the theta/gamma sync, rather than being distracted by a disturbance like a eye-jerking, head pressure, twitches… I rather find myself being able to “ride” the disturbance as a means of furthering the altered state. I take it for granted that any disturbance, no matter how insignificant it might appear, is a sign of going into TG, so these disturbances actually catapult me further into the state rather than take me out.

After several days of occasional attempts, it seems that this state continues to elude me. Although, there is such a thing of -trying too hard- which may be the key obstacle now.

I found that I can still do quite a few of the things demonstrated in the mastering divination course (namely, vocalizing communication from entities or my intuition successfully without hindrance or writing out answers to inquiries) but strangely, still can’t follow the exercises to attain theta-gamma. This is not to say i was not focused or prepared for the above activities.

My personal suspicion is that I am attaining theta-gamma partially somehow, since I don’t experience the effects that’s mentioned of the actual state while performing all of that.

Theta Gamma is fine, wait until you have to reach Rapture lol.

To be VERY honest, what is said here and on books help you, but what will make you trigger the TG is you, it is internal, something that you will learn at your own. It is personal thing, comes from the inner.

I believe you are right, each person’s statements and the books are right in their particular way. Its highly probable that I have yet to attain either mostly because of internal issues which I may not yet be able to overcome. A long time ago, I did experience a moment where things around me started to fade and I found that it was like having tunnel vision.

Rapture is described along those veins alot, and I don’t mind that at all. Just Theta Gamma fails to fully trigger. Well, rather than grumbling I guess I just have to try every day until I get it.