Obsession ritual

There’s a girl I’ve liked for a long time, but I’m afraid she’s already engaged to an as**ole. I was thinking of doing obsession rituals, but I would like to know first what your experiences have been about it.

I’vehad some pretty good experiences with those rituals not I do feel like the target may become dangerous. Stalking has happened as well in my cases


Has this happened to you often? Did you only get stalking? Anyway, what rituals did you use? I have always preferred simple, not complex rituals.

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I noted one of my experiences with an obsession spell here:

That just sounds like absolute hell to deal with. This is why I use honey or other sweetening jars. They can take longer but the results are more positive long term.


Does it work with someone you are in no contact with for a long time? I want to make someone contact me under the obsession spell.

I think the wording and intention of any obsession spell is gonna be key. Why? Remember up you can be obsessed with someone and never contact them. Some of the most obsessive psychopaths are in the shadows meanwhile their devices and scrapbooks are filled with someone they are obsessed with but not reaching out to.


I had never heard the jar of obsession. How does it work? Are there any simple obsession rituals to do with candles?