Can obsessing over your target cause your spells not to work ? I think about this guy and being with him 24/7. I am always second guessing myself worried that if I start all this spellwork and he doesn’t come to me and give me the family I want then I’ll be a failure. This is my absolute last chance at having a family and if it doesn’t work I’ll be devastated


Absolutely it can. The general rule of thumb is that once you have cast your spell, you have to forget about it in order for it to work.
The more you obsess over it, or the persons involved wondering when it will work, how, why etc the less likely it is to eventuate.

Ask for the help of Beleth, helps with true love and long term relationships. And for a family the absolute protectress is Goddess Isis. You can try Hera too

Yes, because you are not “releasing” that will if your mind is occupied with it all the time.

I’d say love spells would probably have to be the most difficult, cause it’s so hard not to obsess about somebody in matters of love and lust.

The fact that you are second guessing and worried it will fail will also play a role in it failing.

My advice would be to try to find some way to focus on something else. A hobby, while you let the magic do its thing.

Is this the first spell you’ve done?

It’s always a good idea to try less difficult ones, just to get a feel for it and see if you can obtain any results, like a science experiment. Pick something that won’t crush you if you fail, for instance.

I.e… maybe there’s an attractive guy you know. Perform a sexual attraction spell and see what happens.

Yes it absolutely blocks things. It’s one of the most frustrating things - but what will manifest something is gratitude and detatchment- if you have something you’re no longer wanting it because you have it and it’s emotion that’s the language we truly communicate in - if you’re giving out wanting something, you’ll get more wanting something rather than the something.

I’m always amazed on subliminals at the amount of success rates in the comments but I’ve come to the conclusion the ones it works for are those who have a fuck it il try it attitude and then sort of forget about it till it happens… magick working the same way. Do it then let it go so it’s got a chance to do something… I think EA says make a sandwich, Neville goddard says fall asleep, others say just get on with life.

I’ve often thought people are perfect for me only to find out they’re not… it’s certainly possible to have this person but them or someone better is a perfectly acceptable request and leaves your chances far wider of getting what you ultimately want - a family

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It won’t hinder you in the least

Obsessing over a spell, if it’s gonna work, when it will and so on, is very much the same as doubting that the spell will work.

I’ve seen, that whenever I will have doubts or express doubts in some way, I weakened whatever I did (regardless if prayers, petitions…) for what I’m asking to happen, or it didn’t happen. The times I could trust and believe that something I asked was heard and will come, and not worry when and be ready even if it will take weeks, it was when things happened.

The more I trust in it, the stronger it will manifest. The more I’m ready to wait no matter how long it will take, the faster it will happen. And trusting means like not doubting or thinking about it, but feeling an assurance in yourself, that yes, someone is working on it for you and will manifest it.

Doubt pretty much is also expressed by desperation, thinking, that this is the only chance on getting something happening. So, this is another thing, that should be avoided. Things are rarely ever as desperate as we make or feel them.

Is it okay to have doubts before you actually do the spell then once you decide to do it try to put those thoughts out of your mind? Idk if that makes any sense

Yeah lusting for results will fuck your shit up faster than anything else.
Have a clear goal in mind and don’t doubt yourself.
Before you wishing for something and getting it be sure its what you want. Make certain that you and he are right for each other. If everything feels good and looks good then go for it. Look at it as something that is and not something that will be or that you want to be. Whatever spirit you call on for this or whatever workings you do charms, spells, etc. Make gratitude your first and foremost thought and feeling. Focus on having the many reasons why he should be with you at the forefront. Its about making yourself something he would want and not so much about you making him want you. This journey should be about your self improvement first and then if at the end you fail in your endeavors, you have lost nothing. But what you have gained you will still have and if he doesn’t recognize your value someone more appropriate surely will. If that ends up being the case then he was never right for you to begin with. And also remember that the gods don’t do for us what we can’t do for ourselves.


So if I cast a spell to get better at something, should I avoid practicing if it would remind me of the spell?

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Lol :laughing:

No why wouldn’t you practice? And why would you need to think about the spell while practicing? Surely it would be logical to practice anyway spell or no spell if you want to get better at something

I’m not an experienced mage but it’s my belief that magick doesn’t just pull things out of thin air into being… like it might cause something to come about but then it still has to come about in a way that is natural to this world, like a love spell isn’t going to make someone wake up one morning and go omg I’m in love with x but they might start spending more time, finding them more attractive and then in a natural order of progression find that they have fallen in love with the person who did the love spell… or in the example you give practice to get better and get better a lot faster than they might have without magick??