Observing Nature for Magickal spells

From what I have seen from E.A.'s youtube videos on his black magick course, he seems to teach that we can learn from nature how to do magick. I am very thankful to live in a rural area of Southern California where I can hike for hours. What should I be on the lookout for in terms of magickal information? How can I apply what I see in nature to my practice? Can you give me a hypothetical example?

I think we can Learn a Lot from Nature as well, The Interaction between the Elements and Force of Nature, The Laws of Survival and the Instinct of Self Preservation, etc…

When you go on a Walk, for instance, Open your Spiritual senses and connect with the Elements around you.

I think the most wonderful Things i learned from Nature is to connect to the Calm and Serenity of Nature, but as well to its Primal Nature, that in my own Opinion goes hand in hand.

It is funny that you mention that. The other day I rode my motorcycle out to a remote area of the desert. It was a rocky, very high and treacherous mountain. When I hiked back there, I instinctively felt that there were big horn sheep and mountain lions in the area. For those who don’t know much about mountain lions, they can really lay waste to a guy my small size (160-170lbs). Yet I felt at peace. Later, when I arrived home, I described the exact location to my friend. He stated that area is heavily populated with big horn sheep and (most likely) mountain lions. I learned from him, a Land Trust, and a map, that the area is called “Sheep’s Pass” because it has tons of big horn sheep. Then, today, I get a notification from the Land Trust (which I volunteer with) that they will be doing a restoration event at that specific place. Very strange.

Trees, large rocks, or a natural cave… find a natural feature (put on an open mind that all things may be alive, and have a soul) - see what you can pick up from them. :slight_smile:

Some of my earliest spirit contacts were trees and even buildings.