Observations of creature behaviors near rituals, etc

I though I would share a few things that I have observed happen over the years that I considered notable although more like side effects. Just of interest and to see if anyone else has things to share of the sort.

When I first started doing daily ritual work I was in a second story apartment building with no trees nearby. One day while I was doing ritual what appeared to be a stray cat was perched on the window sill outside, and was mewing and scratching at the screen. When I went outside it jumped up on my shoulders. It had come around the far side of the building. It was a dirty, smelly thing but I did not feel any sense of distaste or revulsion. After a few minutes it jumped down and left and I never saw it again.

Another time I was feeling sad and was channeling my anguish into my tears and drew some runes onto my telephone in order to initiate a conversation with some girl I was interested in at the time. A spider crawled out from somewhere, onto the phone. Then it waved its fore-legs around for a bit and crawled away. The light bulb in the room was also flickering during that operation.

At one job I had I used to walk outside and do clearing meditations during my lunch break. One day a duck flew down and landed nearby. Then it walked in a circle around me, and then flew off.

Another time when I was living in another place I used to walk home from working. This crow would follow me, kind of shadowing my travel flying from tree to telephone line to lamp post etc. This lasted for a couple days until I decided to attempt to talk with it. I don’t recall anything specific that I picked up from it but after that I did not see it follow me anymore.

Yeah, after every ritual I notice the neighborhood cats seem to enjoy chillin around my house, and I even had a fox move in under by back deck last week. (strange considering I live in the middle of the city). Ive done rituals in the forest occasionally and have noticed deer gathered around when I opened my eyes. They definitely know whats going on! Or at least, they can see it and are curious

My cat stares at the door to the room I use as my temple all the time. When I used a circle drawn on the floor, he used to come rushing in when the door was open and I was setting up. Now that I have a Universal Circle, he won’t come in. He just sits outside and stares at me :slight_smile: LOL

Once a forum member evoked Paralda for me and as soon as I got the PM that it was done my dog started barking at a blank spot on the wall,and my ceiling fan turned on by itself.
When I went to work with Paralda myself I could hear birds going nuts outside of my temple window.
Also as I called to him the wind outside started blowing so hard it felt like a storm was coming.

During my few day working with Paralda my town was hit with a tornadoe and a lot of shit got fucked up.

I live in Bloomington IN where we always have a tornadoe season but they never hit us.


yeah my bitch also bark like crazy, even tho I mostly do sigil magick

the cats here don’t care much about it but they often “fight” invisible things and orbs, dunno why, they act as if there were a moth in the room when there is only a crazy ass orb going on.