Oboras - Did I connect with him?

Yesterday I performed a ritual to call upon Oboras and I’m unsure if it worked or if I’m being toyed with. The night before (Sunday night) I put his sigil underneath my pillow after meditating with it.

Monday afternoon while on the bus I texted my mom and she said, “Sleeping”, in that moment I envisioned her the exact way I found her. I guess that should be my sign?

In the afternoon I properly activated his sigil with smoke, chanted his enn, used a pendulum, and other stuff. I felt a presence and it felt conflicting but knowing that my ancestors would disapprove I wouldn’t be surprised if it was them scolding me.
I asked if he was there and the pendulum swung yes, and said yes to my great grandma not liking it, he also criticized the pendulum which was an old necklace of mine but I have not bought a proper one as of yet. Later on he requested one with a point and either dark blue or purple (idk if that’s relevant). Once it was wrapped up my energy felt so drained and that has only ever happened during my full moon rituals so I’m assuming that it was due to me using a lot of energy to connect with him.
Later on I called out to him after lighting a candle and I think I saw a beast and a man but it kept switching until I could only sense him being there. I couldn’t “hear” him but I felt his answers.

He seemed to want me to channel the full moon that’s coming up. However I’m still a bit skeptical if this is him or if something is stealing my energy by acting as him since I’ve never summoned a demon before.

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Love Orobas. He does not like working with pendulums with myself. I use individual pendulums for each spirit I contact. For some reason Orobas just doesn’t like it with me. That being said every one is different. Orobas is an oracle and gives great truthful answers though.

He comes to me as a horse type creature. Every time.

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He seemed to be very truthful. Funny enough the “pendulum” has a horse on it which he said he didn’t like. He just wanted a nicer pendulum. I might post this as another topic but he seemed to appear with a goat’s head for me, kinda looked more like the Baphomet than what I’d expect.
Lol maybe I accidentally summoned some other demon. Or maybe my mind just sucks with envisioning a horse head.

I’ve worked just a little bit with Orobas, and to me summoning him produced a very positive and encouraging type of energy! Of all the demons and spirits that I’ve worked with (which isn’t very many, btw) he was the easiest to visualize and internally communicate with. The notes that I took while summoning him took up a couple of pages, which is a lot for me.

I can’t see why he would care at all what type of pendulum you used, I wouldn’t imagine something like that would bother him in the least. This is only my experience though, I’m sure it’s different for others