So…here I sit, taking a shit. I only farted and left broken hearted." My first post…lol. This pretty much is the storyline of life as I see it. We all (LHP, RHP, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Wiccan, whatever) choose our path to follow. We follow it to the degree we choose for ourselves. Some will be devote, others will not, and some may combine paths. Whatever we choose is ours but all lead to nothing.

In my time/experience, I know that transcendence is a tool/manipulation that gets us nowhere. It’s used as a method of control to make us want more in the “next life” while ignoring the BS that surrounds us. A, “The grass is always greener.” scenario. From my experience with this, the other “higher” side is way more f’d up than here. I haven’t been able to decide who parallels who. I can say that the “next” plain can go f#$& themselves if they think they have anything to offer that’s better, hell or heaven or anything else. I’m from the USA and i thought we have our heads up our ass’s! They’re side is so out of control with every BS thing here multiplied by 10. It’s a total shit show. Anyways, I apologize for the rant.

The reason for this post is to get information. I don’t see the point in continuing on after this life. In a past life I was killed in battle by a traitor, heart cut out, chopped, and cursed. I witnessed/saw my own burial from my grave, as dirt was thrown over me. I have done this many times before. I am tired, the curse has ruined this life and many others. At the end of this life (I am not suicidal, I’ll stick around for as long as possible with my middle finger held high) I would like to not ascend, stay or descend. I would like to no longer exist, peace and quiet, for once.

Any thoughts or knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Again, NOT SUICIDAL!! Just done with the joke of existence. Thanks[date=2022-08-26 timezone=“America/Denver”]

Well if you don’t do anything when you’re there, you’re not using it as a tool at all and of course you don’t get anywhere. The state itself is just a first step. Once you get there, THEN you start learning to use that state to explore and manifest.
It’s not the end goal, like getting your blackbelt in karate: it’s a beginning. You just finished the basics.

There’s not one “side”, there’s multiple hells and heavens that are all just human astral level invented worlds… but there are no sides and there’s a LOT more than that going on… The universe is massive and exists at multiple levels, there’s yet higher ones still and you won’t have time or the ability to get to all of it yet. I’d say keep exploring, you might find you were still in the basement.

This is possible and is a path some take, but ironically you have to ascend to have the skills and access to choose it. When you have that level of control over your energy and memories, then you can choose to dissolve your patterns back to the source, or only stay in energy being forms (this is being ascended, and there are multipe levels of ascension above “ascended master”) and just not incarnate as any type of physical being on any planet anywhere.


Thank you @Mulberry

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