Objects to avoid/general tips for magickal altar room?

So I’ve started working through Koetting’s Mastering Divination and Evocation courses. In doing so, I’ve set aside a dedicated room (well, really a spacious closet :wink:) for my magickal activities. It has a door that can be shut for privacy, shelves for my ever-growing collection of occult books, an inverted pentagram tapestry on the wall, and a fairly small black wooden coffee table for an altar. On the altar and the shelf beneath it I have all the various magickal implements I’ve collected over the years: pendulums, crystal balls, “ghost” meters, a stuffed armadillo paw, a (sadly fake) human skull & real antlers, etcetera. Overall the whole atmosphere feels intuitively right and, well, magickal.

I was wondering, though, what objects do I want to avoid having in my magickal room? I currently have a Himalayan salt lamp propping up some books in it, but I am concerned that this could interfere with using a Ouija board/summoning spirits as I have read that salt circles and salt in general provides an effective barrier to spirits. Would having this concentrated mass of salt have a similar effect?

I also have the same question about hanging a Nazar pendant over the door to the room: https://img2.cgtrader.com/items/19840/e227f62b31/large/nazar-amulet-3d-model-max.jpg

The intended function of the Nazar amulet is to ward off the evil eye, but I am curious whether this could have any effect as far as preventing the summoning of “evil” spirits (which I am interested in eventually doing). Would crosses/crucifixes or Bibles have a similar effect?

Finally, anything else you would avoid having in/near your altar/magickal room? Any general tips? Thanks for any input. :slight_smile:


I can give you only one general advice: avoid anything that you find disturbing and keep your altar clean and in order. If you find that your Nazar pendant is fine, it’ not a problem. But, if it takes too much of your attention and puts you in a doubt, it’s better to take it away. That’s all :slight_smile:

Best wishes!