Objects for magic

I was thinking about objects and how can someone use g them for magic. For example let’s say you wanted to give an object the power of death. An easy object for that is a notebook. So you write in the first pages the rules of the notebook and it’s power. The question is how do you activate its power so that it become a magic object and not just a notebook with the rules inside. What do I mean when I say rules for example the rules can be that whoever is drawn in that notebook dies etc.

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Please take a look at S. Connolly’s Book of Agares. It shows you how to create a magical book for any purpose.

As for magical objects, they are generally created by consecrating them with specific energies. If you wanted to make a cursed object, for example, you would fill it with the emotional energy of hate, or other baneful energies, and then seal the power in.


Is it possible for something like this to work unconditionally for example the ^rules^ say that whoever is drawn in it dies in 1 hr. And I draw someone that I don’t know personally so I don’t hate but they still die in one hour. Is that possible

No. You live on the material plane, and the material plane has the buffer of time. Killing through magick is not as easy as the movies and fantasy novels make it seem. If it was, then all the edgelords and wannabe Satanists would have magically mowed down their annoying neighbours, their teachers, and the old man who yelled at them to get off his lawn by now, and there would be a whole lot of dead people scattered about.


Yes I get it now thank you. Do you know any good topics about immortal vampires and lycanthropy

No, because those things do not exist, they’re fantasy.

However, astral vampires and shapeshifting do, so if you are interested in that stuff, you might want to pick up a copy of BALG’s vampire book by ND Blackwood.


Hello again, Been a while. So I was wondering, Is there anything in magical than can physically make someone change like make them shift into anything physically, or grant them in humane abilities

Theoretically astral shapeshifting, if maintained, may translate on the physical.

In regards to this I feel to a point. I personally went through such things before. It was not like extreme but I felt my body changing a bit. Example faster running (never did exercise at that time), nails grew longer then normal (no diet change).

You can experience similar things with invocation as well. At some point your energies would become unionist to where your body may experience change. Example after working with Satan for a while now and invoke him, my body temperature rose. I was able to step out in 20 degree weather with only a tank top on and some house leggings and shovel snow.

They will guide to how you can help physically change your body such as a diet change. This could lead to parts of your body to strengthen. So if you really want to not just look like it but feel like it (sorry your still going to have a human body and that means some limitations lol and please don’t mistake this as something to just do to just be. This is not a escape from being human but as a way to enhance your body) but from that invoking could work. But do it within reason and with spirits you know. Once you do this invoking of a spirit their energy basically slowly gets integrated with yours. So it forms a deep bond with that spirit. So don’t just call up a random one to just do this with. Plus if you have a already strong connection with that spirit it’ll make the experience that much more potent and amazing :ok_hand: