Object of the working *almost* manifested - Advice to finish the job? Next steps? Soooo close to success!

I’m making some big moves right now in life - so of course have incorporated my spirit workings. I prepared Bune’s sigil a week in advance, and made an offering a few days before the working. Thursday evening I started drawing a Jupiter sigil in preparation, took me around 10 minutes, and when I looked at my phone again after I finished, I had a text message with an opportunity to sell a Picasso. I don’t sell art regularly, it’s been a few years, I dabbled a bit so I have a few contacts and things show up once in a while.

Anyhow, I continued on with the preparations, and did the ritual (Headless rite, with specifc Abremelin sigils consecrated to King Oriens and King Ariton) and further conversation with Kings Paimon and Amaymon. Then finished with a very specific sigil created for each opportunity I have for wealth right now (there are 3). Completed with invocation of Duke Bune Friday morning at Sunrise.

Later that afternoon I had a call confirming a contract for a job with a big production house! It will be a 4 digit job. Not settled yet, but leaving tomorrow to meet the team. All of this is great. I have a potential buyer for the painting also, though there have been big issues with communication (lots of different parties involved).

So, what is next? Do I forget about it all, and just allow things to fall into place?
Is there anything you suggest I can do to give this a little push?

It’s all soooooo close! The opportunities are all around me…
I just need those $$$$$ to land in my bank account. HARD CLOSE.

I am happy and grateful for what is manifesting,
I’m also ambitious and want to take this thing all the way to the extent of its potential!



I don’t have any specific advice, but wish you the very best of luck with it!! :smiley:


Assume the best @Nico_Noir. Just don’t dismiss the spirits until the money and gig manifest. Nobody gets off the hook until it is done. Respectfully of course. If you went the way of offerings, then why not continue. If you made a promise for a reward, then wait before giving it.

The spirits are keeping their end of the bargain, so don’t do anything to mess it up! :wink:

Congratulations. I hope the lead on the painting pans out, and that your gig pays well.

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Thank you guys! @Rahnoren and @Lady_Eva I just read your replies on the nature of Demons:

I woke up in the middle of the night last night, and felt that fear exactly. I went out to the room where I’ve been performing the rituals, but was kind of sleepy/groggy and didnt really comprehend what was happening. I felt a presence all around me, and that would have been a great moment to sit alone in the dark, light a candle and have a conversation.

Instead I shrugged it off and went back to sleep. I think the lesson is to feel into that fear next time, and acknowledge it as the power and presence of the spirits/demons. It seems natural to feel fear in those moments, but to acknowledge that fear as in response to the presence of a power we can feel but do not understand, that makes sense. And that understanding can help to transform the fear to excitement, and open the doors to deeper communication. I’ve had a constant ringing and tinitus the last week! Really loud at times. Not unpleasant. Just, present. Sometimes like crickets.

From what I’ve read that is either kundalini awakening or communication from the spirit world. I think perhaps there is a conversation that needs to take place, on a deeper level than I’ve yet to open to. Ex: I have not experienced any materializations yet. But something is starting to shift in my perception of their presence. Perhaps facing my own shadows, by stepping into that fear, is a necessary stage of evolution in the manifestation of my will and desire.