Object of a black magician

Hello dear friends. I got something from a magician that increases the attraction to women. He also said to me that many girls will fall in love with me. I always have to carry it with me. I have had the spell since 02/29/20 and he said it works for up to six months. Can anyone see if it works or not? I paid 500 euros. Can anyone sense it? I sent the magician a picture of me and some blood from me.

Well…wouldn’t there be females falling in love with you and the like? Have any shown more interest?

Kind of a difficult time to be looking for love interests, with COVID and all that going on. What have you done to help move it along?

Yes, it is difficult at this time, but I feel how my charisma has become stronger, that is, it is shining and people are looking at me on the street. And I don’t think it’s imagination.

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Guess only you can tell, if women find you more attractive than before.

Make an experiment, based on previous experiences, I’d say?

I don’t sense anything coming off it

Will it still work?

Idk , try learning something on your own

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