Obeah - Vassago - And me

Recently a told a women of the religion Obeah, to suggest me a spirit to help me gain much more money and success for my business . She had a couple in mind, and I told her how about Vassago? She said I won’t work with him no more.

She did a pact for two clients of hers with Vassago for pretty much the same thing. But both these clients did promise a sacrifice for Vassago each year which was a black chicken, something strange. Little by little things started getting better for him and with lots of success, It was a whole new life for them. Of course they were the ones who worked hard to be successful, but it was Vassago putting everything and everyone in the right place and right time, etc to make there dreams come true.

Two years later, her wife died. … Just fell in the floor in the Kitchen. The Doctors mentioned she may have had a genetic genetic heart problem since birth undiagnosed. After the exam of the body, there conclusion was null, couldn’t find why she died

This man promised Vassago a sacrifice of that chicken each year and so did she, but after there desperation settled down and they were living great

He was so happy and content with his lifestyle that he didn’t care about what he promised Vassago, and the Obeah women confirmed it was the spirit who took her life. 2 years after this, he killed himself because he couldn’t deal with the pain that the love of his life died and it was because of lack of respect for the spirit.

First of all, I’m a newbie in pacts and don’t know how to make them, but I belive there are better ways to do them, and you need and must do what you promised to the spirit. I see many people treating spirits badly, and with aggression, like if us humans are more powerful then them. I don’t care if its a goetia spirit, or what not, there are powerful forces that can fuck you up in no time if done wrong. One needs to treat spirits with respect because if you don’t you will regret it. Spirits won’t forget how you treated them never. So I suggest to treat spirits like business partners and if doing a pact, do it so VERY carefully.

You see pacts are dam complicated, there can always be loopholes, and one gets burned. I myself couldn’t believe Vassago would do such a thing, since he is one of the more easier going entity in the Goetia, but I guess I know why they call it pacts, you break them, consequences will come your way sooner or later.

If your wondering which spirit we picked for me was Megalosin. Oh yeah, I bet you guys never heard of him, try looking further in the books like the “Encyclopedia of Demons in World Religions”, you will find him there.

She picked Megalosin and all he needs and wants is attention from me and sometimes to mention and spread his name like im doing now. I also feed him some incense and Tabasco every now and then.

There is no reason need to sell you soul, you can gain everything you want without any entity robbing your being for eternity.

I will be honest, i don’t believe in the whole selling your soul thing (my personal opinion) I just go along what you are saying because if it truly was a fact, it would have been the worst decision. PLUS, how the economy is in the USA, you know how many people can just sell there soul, and wohoo i have money. Na, total bull crap. In my opinion there is a higher force which made what we call the universe, planets, etc. There had to be intelligence involved. and then since we all human are made of his image, we then have great powers once we reach a spiritual level like Jesus and Buddha did.

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well, erik explains clearly in mastering evocation that when you make a pact you are not making a pact to a spirit, but to YOURSELF to accomplish what you want done. for the obeah woman to make a pact with the spirit to offer it a black hen, well i have to question that. obeah is a lot more powerful than that and i seriously doubt an obeah worker (a REAL one) would be that green not to know that about the spirits and how they operate. but ymmv, so point taken

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A time frame should have made clear. “A Black chicken a year”…if I hear that, I take it as a long-life commitment.

My Godfather told me The day I got scratched. I remember it like yesterday. We were in the cemetery before one of the ceremonies and He said Never make promises to spirits or the dead you cant keep. They dont care they have nothing to loose theyre dead already or they never lived. Chickens are a traditional sacrifice that dates back to even the Goeatia. Thats what I’ve read. THe person making the deal says to the spirit ok I need you to fix this guys life. Then They say will you take xyz. She probably asked about the rooster first. Thats like asking you Do you want a fat juicy steak just the way you like it? Of course the spirit will say yes to that. That too me was the first thing that I had to get over when I first started doing evocations. I was like wait. This entity is going to do this for me and I dont have kill anything for it? All you guys on here that just give up your bodily fluids so easily to these entities. I give you guys credit, your alot bolder then me. The only way I’m giving up my essence or links to me is with a proven history of results Massive wealth and a life long commitment. Can you write a clause in the Pact. Like if you dont deliver xyz to me by next year this pact is null and void.

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The fool, if EA says that, he is wrong. Pacts are contracts one makes Ruth spirits. I give you this, you give me that. And it has to be done in this way by this time.
It’s exactly like any ordinary mundane contract.

Jay, I agree with you. I use to freely gave my blood to spirits, but not anymore. I appreciate the power of my blood more and give it only to my most trusted spirits (this isn’t being narcissistic, blood is just very powerful)

actually, ea has a point. pacts aren’t a contract so much as an exchange of energy of one type for another. pretty much every spirit contact is going to be a swap, they all barter. it’s an implicit pact to even conjure spirits at all.

spirits (just like people) are not going to complain if you overpay them, and if you get into the habit of giving them more than they asked for they may get into the habit of asking for more than you can give, so caveat emptor.

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Not really sure why Vassago would be on the lisy for spirits of wealth. He finds list objects and treasure but i don’t see him being a mover and shaker in the sense he will just bestow weakth upon you. Giving you the insight to make the right moves is a definite possibility but there are plenty of wealth spirits to work with.

I never really saw the need for a pact. I’ve never had a problem finding a spirit to agree to work with me. If one doesn’t come through I’ll move on. If you honor and show respect to the forces you work with they’ll usually handle things for you, you’ll see obstacles clear and opportunities open. I only give more than expected when I receive more than expected. Do for me and I’ll do for you.

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