OAA Work Through Thread

Using the same location for the scrying tool, and seeing if a corner will help are the only things that come to mind right now.

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I so love that quote

That would make me nervous, anyone else? What was that experience like? Basically I wouldnt want to be put in bondage for that act, but maybe I am overthinking it.

This might be a mundane question, but I am working on Lesson 8 of the 10th Flame and I am to evoke 3 entities, one Demon, one Angel, and one more… I plan on Using Baal, and Khamael for Demon and Angel…but I would like the third to be neither demon nor angel…Any suggestions?

A god or goddess.

Another option would be a Spirit from Kingdoms of Flame like Pendralion (I don’t know if you are familiar with that grimoire but it has three distinctive beings, Angels, Demons, and capital “s” Spirits).

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I am, I have all of EA’s books (only missing the anthologies) and I appreciate the recommendation…Pendralion it is

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You are welcome :slight_smile:

I really like Pendralion, and you can never go wrong with a being who has mastery over the currents of material wealth and power :+1:


So how did it go with Pendralion?

Im at third lesson of fifth flame now.

I am currently working with the WoD and I have decided at the same time to work with the 18 flames too. I am currently at the first lesson of the first Flame. I started three days ago. And I will report every week to share my experiences.

First lesson of the first flame ended. Report: I recorded the first lesson with my phone, it is not always easy to remember all the text of E.A Koetting. In any case, I used the recording in the beginning. I had trouble distinguishing what comes from my imagination and what is real especially about the appearance of the black haze in the room, one way or another the vision of the room tends to s To obscure … And I decided that my imagination was real since it participates in a way where from another to the reality, perhaps in an intuitive way … I especially thought that the darkness was alive and something was watching me. Dark energy. Moreover, it became my refuge when the reality becomes too painful for me … I take a bath of darkness. I feel like a deep-sea fish hidden deep in the ocean, ignoring the man and all his stressful and stupid hierarchical system. I become a clone self-directed by this ocean bottom filled with obscurities. Anyway, I’ll go to the second flame … Sorry for the syntax, I’m only half bilingual.

Back to Day one with me.

I bought the ebook and I wondered about a few things, for example if I can look at colored candles on PC screen, and handle imaginary ones… E. A. anyway did the initiations at least 2 times, so in the future if I have the option to use physical candles, theoretically I may repeat the exercise with them.

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Yeah, I had it way back and still do. Time for me to be a neophyte again.

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4th Flame Lessons & Initiation

Lesson 1: I acquired a 14" black hunting knife off Amazon. Both the handle and blade are black. It worked like a charm.

Lesson 2: The hunting knife (ritual dagger) has become one with the eternal, as am I. It was truly an exhilarating experience as the flames were all consuming, and they bring a wicked high.

Lesson 3: The experience was vivid, and intense as hell. My body was hot as I was engulfed in the flames.

Lesson 4: It was exhilarating. I am wondering what if I were use 3 pillars of flame to form a triangle of manifestation. That would prove to be an interesting experience.

4th Flame Initiation: It was an intense experience as I found that it hadn’t climaxed with all of the power entering into my body until after the initiation ritual was complete. As soon as I had finished, I immediately went to bed, but I had trouble falling asleep.

With my eyes closed, I could still see the 4th flame entering into my body. The rush of power was still rushing into me.

The following day, as I worked my mundane factory job, the “high” was still there. Throughout the day, I could see that my aura had grown stronger, and more intense. I also have a more prominent crown of flames now. So, that’s pretty cool.

I am starting to see an interesting patter as of late with the initiations, as well with my life as of late. With each initiation, I change. I become stronger, and I also learn lessons outside of the OAA that I need to learn in my mundane life. Maybe it is, in part, I’m getting older, and tired of the same dumb shit that I’ve been pulling since my teenage years (I’ll be turning 27 this month).

Either way, I am thankful for these lessons, initiations, and experiences.