OAA Sixth Flame

For the Sixth Flame it says:

A Baron of the Order has been assigned to be your personal spiritual guide and guardian, and he wil lfulfill
this calling through the spiritual planes and states for now. Being Adept in all of the esoteric arts, all of his
power will aide you and guide you, and most definitely will protect you. Shortly, you will receive his name
as well instructions o contacting him first through the spiritual senses

I am just finishing off the Fifth Flame at the moment. Once I receive the Fifth Flame how do I know who my Baron is? Is it a spiritual thing? Am I meant to actually go and PM @E.A?

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I could be wrong but I think that means he will contact you. Probably when you least expect it you will suddenly realize you are not alone and be hearing/seeing the entity speaking to you. I could be wrong of course but I do not believe since he or she will be working with you in the spiritual planes, that you are expected to contact a human for guidance. The contact must be made there. Plus I do not think EA is going to want to have to be contacted by every individual who is doing this working and have to channel and tell them the name of the individual they will have as a guide. That would really be asking a lot!

It’s spiritual. If you yet have no astral sight( you should be mastering this) then use divination to get you clear answers.


@Blaze.1.pr Thank you.I do have astral sight. Just got it yesterday. I was just wondering if I was meant to physically contact EA Koetting. I think I will do a blind evocation of my Baron then.

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Long story on My Barron. Buying books on ebay i bought one of EA’s books from a guy I would later call David. David was giddy to continue conversations beyond the sale and finally said hey, you want to buy out the rest of My BALG books for $700.

Damn… $4k worth of books for $700! YES!

Then he called every three days to talk about My progress. Come to find out he had worked with Eric through about $10k worth on consults and visits.

I went through the flames in a shuttle launch. Of course I have come back to perfect each flame to My standard.

My next consult I told Eric and Eric gave the “DAMN” look and he exactly who David was. David spoke to both of us actually at that instant.

David was My Barron and Eric certified he had gone beyond 18…

Yes there is a beyond 18…

David is still a regular mentor.


Btw… Those who have signed books or pacts… Those sigils get Eric’s attention very quick.

Use the with respect.


We need to talk. I have some personal questions about what’s going on and need confirmation.

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I know.