O.N.A. texts

I think that these texts can be downloaded for free, but I’m not a computer wizard. If I’m wrong then please have this thread deleted.

This Facebook page
has a great entry by Rebel Lion (Tuesday 6th February at 1:14pm) concerning Baphomet.

The O.N.A. taught me a lot. So did Chaos Magic (hint). Their National Socialist ‘stance’ sorts out the wheat from the chaff. Explanations are given, but most are repelled and don’t get that far. Their brutal system works and is doing so.

Hope you enjoy!



Yes . you can download.
Look for a button a little down the page that say “download from mirror1”, click that.
A download timer box springs up, as soon as it gets to 0, click on the link where the box was.

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Otherwise you pay 27-58 for a zip file.
Thanks for the link :slight_smile:slight_smile:
More knowledge is always good.

You can go to www.lulupress.com and get them phisical soft or hard cover. I bought “The Black Book Of Satan 1-3” with shipping was around $20.00 and they have others.

Hey guys, Which one is the Best grimoire for Baphomet?

Edit: I found a very interesting link https://acausality.wordpress.com/2016/06/21/baphomet-a-serious-study/

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I’ve been reading their texts and doing as much as I can to embrace the O9A Way, such as fitness progress and such things that I can do on my own. If it comes down to it, I will ultimately have to start a chapter myself, but I haven’t been able to find anyone to consult for guidance on the way. Here’s a call to anyone here who may know a willing way master that might want to give me council on the system.

I can give counsel but I’m not O.N.A. Have studied and applied their methods. That said, I’m far from a fitness fanatic. If you study Chaos Magic(k) - particularly paradigm Magick - the methods of the O.N.A. make a lot more sense, trust me.


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Yes, I specialize in a particular aeon that I received in a dream when I was 15. Here is the story of that…

That experience gave me the power of Gnosis that exploded in the years following. I want to get into a tribe in order to integrate thee energy of this aeon moreso for thee empowerment of Sirius magicians. So yah, my chaos system is highly evolved over these years of deep practice, but I feel I am lacking in the community aspect. I deeply crave magickal community, a tribe is my deepest longing right now, and thee O9A seems to be the best kind of people I would resonate with.

Just remember that the lhp is inherently a solitary one. That’s just the nature of our path.


Thee lhp is whatever you make it, and it most definitely doesn’t have to be strictly solitary. A tribe can happen within thee lhp, no problem. It’s about choice and freedom, a tribe can be lhp.

Well there you go.
Does the tribe achieve divinity together as a group thing, like all together or none at all?


No it’s just family for now, but yes, ultimately, I believe that humanity as a whole is meant to ascend into a unified whole ufo of transcendence.

“Essentailly, the left-hand path is then the path of non-union with the objective universe. It is the way of isolating consciousness within the subjective universe and, in a state of self-imposed pschic solitude, refining the soul or psyche to ever more perfect levels. The objective universe is then made to harmonize itself with the will of the individual psyche instead of the other way around… Where the right-hand path is theocentric…the left-hand path is psychocentric, or soul/self-centred. Those within the left-hand path may argue over the nature of this self/ego/soul, but that the individual is the epicenter of the path itself seems undisputed.”

Stephen E. Flowers Ph.D.

Lords of the Left-Hand Path

Chapter 1, Section: The Right-Hand Path and the Left-Hand Path .


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I’m more of a progressive guy, integrating ALL forms, systems, and ideas, balancing both paths, embracing thee extremes of both polarities. Is that an O9A excerpt?

I would like to find mentors in Charlotte NC who can teach me “The Star Game”.
I have the link to the rules and how to build it. I want mentors to watch and learn from.