Nuggets of Wisdom

Been a long while since I posted anything, so I figured I would write what I’ve learned in one post instead of breaking it up into several different ones.

First, I know there are already a lot of posts on how useful and great Bune is for acquiring wealth, but I figured I might as well add my 2 cents. I’ve had some books that I’ve been trying to sell on ebay for several months without any takers, so I thought it was time to get a little help. I didn’t do a full evocation, just opened the sigil of Bune and stated what I wanted. The very next day I started to get offers on the books I was trying to sell. I’m going to have to experiment with him further to see how far I can take using his sigil for wealth.

Second, I haven’t seen too much about people on this forum using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in conjunction with their magic, so this might be useful to hear. I’ve known about NLP for several years now and have played around with it a bit, but it was just recently that I decided to integrate it with my magic practice. Primarily I’ve been combining altered states of consciousness and anchoring. Basically you enter into the state of consciousness you desire, i.e. theta gamma sync, and you combine it with a though, phrase, or gesture, or combination of them. If you keep doing this soon you will find that you can get to this state very quickly by using your anchor.

Third, meditation is probably one of the most important exercises you can do to advance your magical skills. From a theoretical prospective, every magical act requires you to focus on what you are doing and have some level of mental control. This is exactly what mediation does. From the experiencal prospective, I’ve been doing a daily meditation every morning for just over a month now and have noticed leaps and bounds in my workings and skills. This coincides with what Koetting and many other masters say about meditation, if you want to get good a magic, meditate (I’m paraphrasing a bit).

Fourth, I’ve found a could of good books worth reading if you have the time to spare. The first is Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson, most people here have probably heard of it, but I wanted to recommend it anyway. At first it is a little hard to read and seams a little strange, but the further you get into it the more it makes sense. It describes in detail a series of mental states or “circuits” that different humans exist at at different times. Towards the end it gives an outline how to ascend the the various circuits. It is a very good book for anyone looking to experiment with consciousness or mental control.
The second book is Sorcery by J. Finley Hurley, I had never heard of the book until I found it in a collection of PDFs someone gave me. Essentially the book takes a scientific look at magic and shows that it does in fact exist and work. It explains various theories of magic including esp, telepathy, mental control, and other topics and gives the outcome of experiments that were conducted investigating the area. It was published back in 1985 so it is a little dated, but still an interesting read. It is nowhere near as dry and boring as I am making it sound and I recommend anyone who is more scientifically oriented or is doubting themselves to read it. (Amazon as recently republished it for kindle.)

That’s it for now, back to the cave until I make any more discoveries.

Sorcery by J.Finley Hurley should be required reading.

I agree. One of the big points that I took away from this book is that your mental state while performing any act has a big impact on how successful it is. The experiments in the book prove this and it has been stated by everyone who has achieved some level of mastery in the occult.

It’s funny how key it is, yet people either ignore it or just don’t believe it.

Good stuff, it’s long been my belief that a lot of ritual gear was about creating what NLP-ers call anchors, especially because it was stuff that wasn’t used (or worn) in ordinary life. I know the smell of sage smoke immediately helps me get ready to travel into the astral etc., because that was used constantly in the classes and trainings, and later meetup groups, that I practiced with. :slight_smile: