Nuclear Fusion Hit a Massive Milestone in Germany

Yes the whole world woulda been better off if Ameriga never existed probably, just my opinion of course.

It hardly matters. America is just a bigger version of people trying to create their Utopia Promised Land. Humans will be trying to do that forever. So whether its America or Europe I woll choose that any day over the Promised land being run by those who play afrikan bongo drums. I prefer to eat fine cut grilled steak over Cat or Dog as well =)

If Hekate would ask me to eat a dog I would.

IMO, the core problem is the ideal of globalisation, and homogenisation - the US went to war in 2003 believing that if they just removed Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi people would embrace democracy, whereas instead they tore their country apart with sectarian feuds that drove them further away from modernisation than they had been under Saddam.

Same with these migrants, the belief that the geographic cure works for religious fanaticism and cultural misogyny… in fact, these people don’t suddenly wake up living and breathing western democratic values just because they moved their homes a few hundred miles, but these morons running the show can’t believe that people wouldn’t want to live exactly like us.

Primitive mindsets that fetishize a specific and brittle model of masculinity, and devalue women except as the mothers of sons, are only ever going to respect brutal male leaders who don’t give them a chance at anything as wussified as a democratic election, they like being crushed under the heel of some tough guy narcissist because that’s their ideal model of how to act.

And if that changes, that change needs to come from within, just as it did over time in Europe, and not with intervention by muddle-headed fools and short-sighted neo-cons who don’t see past their own vested business interests.

I honestly don’t see this as being about left and right, as such - it’s more about greed and the desire to drive most of society down to third-world level living standards and the concomitant disempowerment and uncertainty, meaning the elite no longer have to account for their actions to an educated and empowered middle-class.

The way the western press drooled over the “Arab spring” was sickening and, to me, dubious even at the time - well, that spring has now borne its harvest, the rise of Islamic State and fanatical Islamists all over. Way to go!

I don’t think America should feel uniquely responsible, the reason we have this migrant crisis and the problem with home-grown terrorism is a very European angst that arose after WW2, when post-imperial guilt (worsened by a desire to distance ourselves from the Nazi’s racial politics) made our leaders determined to erase indigenous European cultural identity and society in every way possible.

First, by importing large numbers of people from our former colonies, and then in order to quell the inevitable tensions, impose the ideal of multi-culturalism on us, which means that even to this day, people who question the benefits of migration are pretty much branded as being right up there with Hitler and wanting to hang children on meathooks, etc.

We’re as much to blame, with that hideous post-Nazi & post-imperial over-compensation, as anyone.

But really it’s the fuckers who want to drag us all back to the bronze-age with their insane religion who are ultimately the problem, and too much concern for our own past mistakes plays right into their hands.

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Heh I wouldnt eat dogs. I love pets =)

Hey I’m freinds with her, if I asked her to ask you that the next time you talk to her would you do it? Because honestly I want to see that.[/quote]

Dog eating was part of her cult I read in a book about Necromancy, but only black dogs, Mark Alan Smith has talked about drinking dogs blood, ect. I wouldn’t film it if I did.

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Why is my mind’s eye seeing this?


Probably for personal reasons naturally she is very pretty =) on spiritual levels there are 4 Gatekeeper Cat Ladies of a very dark persuasion when it comes to playing, but then their counterpart is also a very dark and very light Lord which represents something specific which allows him to pass. Dont ask me what that means as I dont know entirely its just what spirit shows me in my minds eye as well.

Fyi…there is also 4 Masculine versions as well, but their agenda is different than the cat ladies and theze dark male spirits arent cat men =) only women get to be cats. The Lord (not to be confused with Jesus) is one of the few who can more safely pass the 4 Gatekeepers.

Looks like staying in the EU + TTIP will enable the Tory’s dream of dismantling the NHS:

[b][url=]Major leak from Brussels reveals NHS will be ‘KILLED OFF’ if Britain remains in the EU[/url][/b]

Hundreds of papers from the secretive trade talks between the US and EU have been released online.

They appear to confirm fears that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership talks between Brussels and Washington will, when ratified, lead to the health service being privatised or dismantled.

The documents, obtained by Greenpeace Netherlands, include a US proposal to have a committee with representatives from Washington and Brussels to meet each year “to review state-owned enterprises and monopolies” which would include the NHS.

The committee would meet annually and would not be guaranteed a representative from Britain.

But it would still be able to review state-run services in this country. Its duties would include checking that state services do not “distort” the market.

One section of the papers makes it clear that the EU and America would seek eventually to end all forms of state intervention in competition with the private sector.

Full story:

In the UK it’s not as simple a picture as NHS = socialist views/private healthcare = conservative views: the situation of how we view, and use, our healthcare is a bit more nuanced - much the same way many Americans who do oppose state intervention in healthcare in the US, have no problem with taxpayer-funded schools existing.