Nuclear Fusion Hit a Massive Milestone in Germany

Ahhh Wonderful Science.

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Nuclear Fusion Hit a Massive Milestone in Germany
February 3, 2016 // 02:02 PM EST
This story was translated from the original published by Motherboard Germany.

The Max Planck Institute in Greifswald reached a true milestone in physics and technical engineering today right in front of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s eyes. The brand-new reactor, an experimental stellarator design called Wendelstein 7-X, was successfully booted up to an extent where it created hydrogen plasma.

The news is not only a scientific sensation—a welcome one after building the reactor alone took 19 years and cost 1.2 billion euros. But it was the first time researchers were able to simulate the energy-producing reactions of our Sun in a laboratory setting.

Screens showing the creation of hydrogen plasma. Image: Getty
The reactor has already been reverently dubbed the “fusion reactor designed in hell” by the American media because of its sheer power. The researchers’ goals are ambitious, as Sibylle Günter, director of the Institute for Plasma Physics, reemphasized today. “We want to utilize the energy of the stars," she said.

At 3:22 PM, Angela Merkel finally flipped a special switch set up for her, starting the countdown to the experiment. About a minute later, the actual flash of the first-ever hydrogen plasma created in a controlled setting flickered on a monitor in the control room.

The monitor shows the countdown and status of the reactor. All images: MPI / Screenshot Motherboard.

Images of the hydrogen plasma from the inside of the reactor.
Günter guided Merkel through the reactor, pointing out right after the experiment just how special the reactor’s capabilities are. “The Wendelstein reactor is actually developed enough to be able to sustain the reaction for half an hour, but we didn’t want to risk anything and so we only created the plasma for a split second this time," Günter said.

For several minutes after the experiment, Merkel had researchers explain what conclusions can be drawn from the creation of plasma and what they’d been looking at on the monitors. The chancellor, who also holds a doctorate in physics, was visibly curious when asking the researchers questions in the control room.

Merkel has everything explained to her in detail in the control room.
In order to create the plasma, a mixture of electrons and atomic nuclei were heated to 80 million degrees celsius in a vacuum ring made of 425 tons of superconducting magnets, with the help of a two-megawatt-strong pulse, as the Max Planck Institute explained a press release. The magnets were constructed out of 50 specially-formed spools and were cooled down to near-absolute zero (-237 degrees celsius), while the magnetic fields kept the fuel suspended.

“Wendelstein 7-X is a fantastic example of cutting edge research made in Germany. And maybe when we look back one day, we’ll talk about this as science’s finest hour,” said Merkel with evident enthusiam before the experiment started. She ended her speech on scientific research, which she was visibly comfortable giving, with the grand appeal to “tame the sun’s fires.”

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Nice find! Wonder why the mainstream news here isn’t covering it.

Alot of these articles I get (along with the many versions of Model Women) come from those multiple daily Facebook posts you get. So it isnt mainstream media…but every once in awhile I get something that is an interesting read. All I could think was when I saw this was “I wonder when they’ll come out with a Starship with some HYPER-DRIVE and Reactor Core.” Imagine modernizing transportation to where they have miniature powerplants based off an advanced version of this or something like it. Heck, I know for a fact that all Mundane things are somehow Linked to Occult ritual, I was trying to imagine how they could utilize such a thing for a Big Magickal Dragon Spells =p

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“Germany welcomes unlimited asylum seekers” - last year.

“Germany unveils new form of unlimited combustible fuel” - this year.

I mean, they have the form for it! :o)

I was just reading another article on how a large groupnof Germans were protesting some TTIP trade agreement thing that Obama is pushing for. What are peoples thoughts on thisnif you know ehat Im talking about?

There’s a good article with the main objections listed here:

I personally agree with all of those concerns, and think it’s a terrible idea.

Me too. Personally and this isnt merely in Jest I feel a “Lynch Mob” brewing to hang this version of the Anti-Christ.

Trade agreements are never JUST about trade - the EU started out being sold to voters as “the common market” and about opening up trade, and look what it’s turned into - totally farcical rights handed to foreign nations to dictate everything.

We’re lucky to have a mostly GM-free food supply, and high standards for pesticide use etc., whereas the FDA basically rubber-stamps every drug and cosmetic that crosses its path, and the ability this would give to private corporations to sue elected governments, and by so doing remove taxpayer’s money that should be funding essential services, is fucking obscene.

Too bad it didn’t suck her into a black hole.[/quote]
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Too bad it didn’t suck her into a black hole.[/quote]
A black hole can’t hold so much beauty…[/quote]

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[quote=“Lady Eva, post:10, topic:7137”]There’s a good article with the main objections listed here:

I personally agree with all of those concerns, and think it’s a terrible idea.[/quote]

Well, here’s one person’s form of protest in New Zealand. :slight_smile:

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The United States actions of self interest are behind much of the misery on this planet in the 21st century, narcissistic bloated pig of a nation. Our reckless actions in the Middle East due to our own economic interests led to this migrant flood in Europe that short sighted idiots like Merkel are perpetuating. Don’t get me started. I’m suddenly realizing how much better off the world would be in the 21st century if the US no longer existed.