Now I am not who I was yesterday

As I wrote in the title
I am not the same as yesterday
I evolved and became more alert and aware
Learn many things in a short time
Like Banishing and How to purify myself… Scan also But I am not a professional yet
I feel like I want to learn more
I feel that the spirits want me
And I’m ready to learn from it


Hello @sadangel
This seems like an awesome first post for your journal thread. Please make every other post in this thread.
That way you and everybody else can keep track of your development and if you have a question about something it is easier for others to point you towards answers.
Good luck on your journey


Yes of course!

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Hello, I haven’t slept since yesterday and all the time I am thinking that I want to develop myself and deepen more in BLACK MAGICK.
In fact, I feel that Lucifer is addressing me or maybe some demonic spirits high level spirits I feel at high frequencies and had energies that wanted to talk to me, I know that I am not crazy and I am now in my right mind But this SHIT is real!! I’m excited I can’t wait all the time Please guide me!!

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I think the reason I can’t hear spirits and read their messages is because I’m still closed!

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More likely it is because you don’t actually practice anything. All you do is ask the same questions over and over again, but don’t follow any of the advice given to you.

You cannot go from someone who knows nothing about magick, and who has never developed their abilities to communicate with spirits, to someone who can “receive messages” from spirits overnight.

That is just fooling yourself.


Unfortunately these skills do not happen overnight. You do need to keep practicing and improving yourself and your skills in order to progress.

If you use the search function you can find many amazing threads that advise how begin communicating with spirits - but it does take time and commitment.


Yes, maybe… Will I spend 20 years in imagination and meditation only?


No, but it does require more than 24 hours. Depending on one’s natural talent, it can take anywhere from a few months to a few years to properly develop your abilities.

You have to pick a developmental program and follow it.


Turn me into a topic that talks about this thing

Pick up a book.

I recommend Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos, or Works of Darkness by EA Koetting.



You already started other journals, like this one:

Can you please keep all your entries within ONE thread, not spread out through the journals forum? Others already told you…

Your entries are simply out-of-context as you keep starting new threads all the time for tiny things and a time-waster for others…


Okey, i’am sorry about that.

What is exactly Konstantinos?

Okay @sadangel, I get that this is all a new world and maybe you are not sure how much of what you know about magick at this point is correct.

Magick is real - in our experience, I mean the experience of the majority of active members on here.

It’s not fictional, nor is it a shortcut to having amazing wealth, success, etc., for almost zero effort.

And it has certain conventions, things which need to be done, because it is a real art and science, and not like sitting to write fiction of what could happen if one makes a magic wish.

One of those core conventions is that one needs to practice, to do some study, some effort, not just offer a soul or whatever and expect the spirits to do all the work.

Please use the Search function on the forum to find any terms you don’t understand, and MOST importantly, please keep all posts in this Journal now, that will allow those who wish to reply, to find your stuff in one place, and avoid annoying people by spamming questions all over. :+1:

We will be considerate and patient in trying to assist, but you have to also please remember, you are a beginner and asking people to repeat the same things they have talked about many times, so please be considerate of us as a community in your requests. :+1:


He is an occult author, and his book has great exercises to develop the skills necessary for spirit evocation.


You REALLY want to use the search, even if it seems bothersome to you.

The search will give you more, better and far richer results, than any short reply you may get here.


Thank you

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Please, brothers and sisters, is there an Angels or maybe a Demons for the spiritual senses? If they are, I need one of them to help me open my spiritual senses, discover my talents, and develop my abilities.