Nova's Dream Journal

Here I’ll be posting dreams that I remember and dreams that happened a while ago. If you have feedback that’s cool but you don’t have to.

A lot of these dreams…dates will be forgotten because I simply wrote them down and never put a date.

In this dream, I remember I was walking in an abandoned, and broken down apartment/hotel. If I could give more detail it looked like a place that has been destroyed by bombs. It barely kept itself together and I was lucky the building didn’t fall apart by me being in it. I looked outside and it was a war zone with every building looked similar to the building I am in. Since it was dark the only light illuminiating in front of me was the moon.

As I’m walking upstairs I sense a presence and I enter a room where it appeared a bomb was activated. In the centre of the room, I see a little girl, and she looked like she was 10 years old with long black hair and white skin.(yes she did look like the grudge/ring girl) I look at her and ask her if she’s ok and she looks so confused that I was concerned for her well being.

… i woke up feeling drained but it very well could be that i woke up during a cycle.



I was on a large ice boulder and again in this dream (I like to look at the scenery) I saw a large body of water. In the boulder, there was an ice slide that leads to a cave of water. I slid down it and it was supposed to be freezing but I felt nothing at all. I’m swimming in the water trying to find a way out and eventually, I do get out.

My brother then comes up to me and he is like I’m getting into magic now. I woke up confused because my brother is a hardcore atheist ???


I was on a tour of a place that looked like a large house. Everyone, there was staring at me. Bill Clinton was there and was acting like a child. It was ridiculous. The people tried to get me to like him or at least feel sorry for him. I say " he may have been president but he didn’t rule Canada." They say “true”. I walk away. This old lady I keep seeing her in every room, she’s following me and keeps trying to talk to me. I’m trying to get away now.

I’m now at a store and I’m buying art supplies I’m thinking this is fun. I’m with my mother but she doesn’t look like her. We then pay for the art supplies and I keep feeling eyes on me. They won’t go away. I’m now leaving the store.

I’m now outside my home late at night with my mother and we look up at the sky to do some star gazing. The fog shows up and forms into a wild boar in the sky and he laughed. My whole house opened up and I help my mom run into the house because I knew it was gonna get bad. I then took my time to close everything but I couldn’t close my mom’s bedroom window. He is there talking to her and I then tell him to shut up. He ignores me. He even tried to give her, his name. I yell and he yells his name at the same time but I couldn’t hear it. After that, I wake up.

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July 21, 2018

The world was some how destroyed. Humans found a new planet; a water world. The place in which they live on is a huge mother ship enough to house an entire mass of land. The way i entered this planet was in spirit form and then i manifested in the ship (i wish i took a big look at her). 3 guys were nice enough to show me around since i didnt know where i was, although they didnt know i wasn’t from the ship.

They told me they are going to tokyo, and proceeded to show me a map. I argued with them for a little but they assured me that its not a long trip.

As we get closer to our destination there is a giant bottomless pit ( i say this only because i saw nothing besides a ladder and the bridge).
I was not alone on this bridge, there are many people including children. These children were not listening and trying to take the ladder down so i tried to tell them to stay with the group. This is when i leaned too far and almost fell when the bridge caught me. After that happened the children listened and followed their parents.

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