I want all the active members of balg to use a VPN to access this site. Since the site doesn’t implement HTTPS/TLS, your credentials will pass over to an insecure internet and anyone with a good knowledge of networks and sniffing tools can eavesdrop on your traffic. They can reverse engineer the traffic to spot you right on your comfort chair.
Since we are discussing some sensitive topics too and no matter where you are, keep in mind that the govt is always tracking you and keeping your records in their huge database for centuries.
Some of the good vpns are Cyberghost for PCs and cloud VPN for android. Always select a country where you’re not from.
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I dont know much about VPN’s, but I was shopping for those expensive wireleas routers with a wide range the other day like cisco or whatever and it had some sort of built in VPN. Is what your talking about a Hardware or Software?

I know the government is watching. Its not them Im worries about, but rather Crazies…like extremists or Islamibad Muslim types. But overall im not too worried as todays day and age is filled with surveillence its almost impossible to hide from the big boys anyway.

You’re unlikely to be able to block serious people like the NSA using anything commercially available (especially on a Microsoft OS), but it’s worth looking into ways to become more secure online, it may not be the most exciting topic but an hour or so doing research may pay off.

Things to look for are VPNs (as VajraMahaSiddham suggests - TorrentFreak do a review of VPNs every year that’s worth reading), and also various security add-ons for browsers, such as NoScript, Privacy Badger & Ghostery, especially if you use Facebook and want to not have them tracking you outside their site.

BUT - I’m not an expert in this, it’s my old man who handles almost all the computer stuff so please don’t anyone PM asking me for ideas or technical advice, because my eyes will just glaze over! :stuck_out_tongue:

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What if you use an Os like Kubuju? Ontop of that its Free. Not sure od its security measures, but sone guy told me the good think about that Op is its less penetrable from things like virus’s.

Yes, Lady Eva, its impossible to block ourselves in Windows as well as in Mac, but, you can block certain aspects of it if not all of it. You can make yourself harder to detect.

lately I’ve been researching about Microsoft’s 10 OS and it surely collects a hell lot of information about us.
Here are some of the things that you can do to block them from gathering information about yourself:

open ‘hosts’ file from the path:
copy and paste the original ‘hosts’ file somewhere safe, e.g. 'My Documents’
and rename it to hosts.bak (backup file). Please remember that this file doesn’t have any extensions. We’re giving this file an extension of ‘bak’ just to make sure its a backup file(just in case if something goes wrong, which is highly unlikely).

Right click and open in notepad.
Copy all these: (you need admin rights for this)
DO NOT COPY THESE EQUALS line. I’ve just made it for readability.

#Microsoft Spying sites
#Preventing Microsoft from sending Anonymous data from this PC

##End of Microsoft Spying Privacy Settings

[NOTE] This list is incomplete because I’m still researching it.

@Biosynth : What is Kubuju? I’ve never heard an OS named Kubuju. I’ve heard about ‘Kubuntu’. It a linux distro(a lighter version of Ubuntu). Certainly, all Linux Distros are secure and Open Source.
But its also harder to use because all native .exe files won’t work in Linux because Linux have its own File System and also its different architecture(Thus no seasoned MS viruses and malwares). Although there’s a workaround using ‘Wine’ application.

Here ‘secure’ I mean to say that you are free from spying organizations. and sorry I was actually thinking about ‘Lubuntu’ not Kubuntu., when I was writing the previous post.
and if you have to go by ‘Secure’ and really ‘secure’, then nothing, not a single app is secure.
So until and unless you do some notorious things like hacking a govt site or similar things, you are pretty secure in a linux environment, provided you install extensions like disconnect, user-agent switcher, https-everywhere, ghostery, ettc in your browser; esp chrome.

I see. I really did mean Linux…i meant Kubuntu as I liked it because it has a similar feel to Windows. Im not fond of the Mac interface at all I think it sucks. Windows has more options to work with and I just like their layout of menus and windows

Well rofl I am not a Keyboard warrior or Nerd. Knowing stuff like that is hardly impressive. If you were to speak like that to any normal guy in real life they would beat your ass, disabling your ability to function, much less use a keyboard. Why waste my time by challenging me to a Nerd Duel? Im not a nerd. Lol.

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It would seem that this guy I replied to is the same as SDRZ (Note to Lady Eva). He basically deleted his post, because he is a coward and cannot face me. So I have taken Screenshots to show the posts he deleted (all coming from the same guy under different chat handles).


rofl - this is the post you deleted to hide the fact that I was replying to you.

Wouldn’t using tor servers have the same effect. I think I’ve worded that right, computers aren’t my forte.

A cluster of tor servers and relays has already been hacked. So in short, better to use vpn instead of tor. You’ll also be drawing attention if you use tor because of the distinguishable tor traffic.