Nothing is working!

So I’m aware that sometimes spells just don’t work for whatever reason but literally everything I’ve attempted on this target has failed. I even went so far as to hire a very well known witch to perform a no fail spell with the use of sitri that also failed.
Everyone keeps telling me that if my guides don’t approve or the universe doesn’t approve then it won t happen. I don’t agree, as magic allows us to bend and shape at our will. So I’ll give a few details because there is literally no huge obstacle in the way:
Fwb situation. Purely sexual, all is well but we had a little spat because our communication sucked. I want more, I don’t want more. He wants more, he doesn’t want more. So we just cut it off rather amicable like even though it sucked. But I still want him, want him in love with me and have done love spells, mind control spells, you name it and nothing is working. He is not involved in the occult so there is no protective block. Helo!

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Is his will stronger?

If his will is stronger than the energy that you put into the spell, it absolutely could be blocked.

I’m going to shamelessly name drop here. @KurtisJoseph makes an excellent point that when we do not account for, and destroy barriers to our will manifesting as a result of our magick, the end result is logically weaker.

Consider spending time thinking about how to attack these factors and your manifestation will be stronger.


Maybe focus on improving the communication issues first. Then try again.


I’ve considered his will but he was even open to dating so I really don’t see where the problem is. I know I haven’t let go so much in my mind but the part where sitri didn’t work is disheartening. I want him to love me and be crazy about me. I thought using seduction I could slowly work into the bigger and heavier things but it’s like hitting a brick wall.
He jokingly told me he was an incubus when we WERE messing around but I truly don’t believe he has any magical anything because he’s lazy. I don’t know what else to try

I should add that I did reach out a couple weeks after we stopped talking to see if he wanted to get together and he agreed but stood me up. So I really just don’t know what else I can do mundane or magically at this point

Hmm… so he joked about being a succubus,huh??

Try ‘summoning’ him as if he really is a succubus and see if that gets you results…

If you indeed summon succubi… I’m not sure how that works - maybe @succupedia could weigh in on this idea? Think it might fly??


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i think this is simply a matter of you caring too much about the result. The lust for result can kill your magick, which is why getting an ex back is a particularly hard thing for a lot of occultists to do. You seem extremely desperate to get this guy back…perhaps to the point of being impatient…tapping your feet daily, questioning why your spell hasnt worked yet. I mean, you even said so yourself.

You already know what the problem and solution is. Remove your lust to see the result…and be okay with the idea of never hooking up with him ever again. The moment you do is when the spell will take affect


I get that and I’m pretty sure that my wanting is getting in the way to some degree. Thing is, he’s not that great and I KNOW this, which makes it all the more odd. And I guess I worry that I know myself too well and if I forget him and move on, I probably won’t want him remotely once it manifests. That’s the hard part in this work, you want it when you want it.

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Right, which is why its usually not worth the trouble trying to get an ex back. You’ve basically admitted that you want him, not because you think hes a great catch, but simply because you want what you cant have.


Abwahahaha! So fucking true. Great points. Here is my thing… stop already. Use sorcery to better yourself and expand consciousness. Then the spell peddling becomes a moot point and things fall into place like they SHOULD.