Nothing Doing

Nothing much has been going on really except i did experience something unsual a few days back.I was in the hallway and thought i saw a shadow.I kept walking and about halfway into the hall i felt a little different so i turned around to see what it was but saw nothing.The funny thing is when i moved away from that spot the feeling faded.I tried asking my spirit what that was and i think she said i’m opening up.I’m not too sure though since telepathy is touch and go so i asked again but got a different answer not pertaining to my question.I’ve also been picture gazing with the intent of shifting my consciousness for better spirit communication and ritual work,and i have to say it works quite well for me.I know its working because i can see the picture turn green and vibrating making the picture seem to come alive seeming like it’s breathing and moving in different poses and coming torwards me.The interesting thing about this shift in consciousness is that it feels like the picture is looking straight at me.